in different variations and languages available it is hard to imagine some of the Smartphone apps trigger generation what hype. Now there are apps that can record several million downloads. A truly ground-breaking app is the popular app “4 images 1 word” or some only English, “4 pics 1 word” known. Through the enormous is have very quickly some app developers responded and one own “4 images 1 word” app in the Apple app store or in the Google play store. Notably, there are natural variations such as “What the BBs word” or to german “as is the answer”. The app is as simple as perfectly. Players receive 4 images in each level and must recognize that then produces the solution word based on this one thing in common.

So it is not too heavy mixed letters to the selection below the images. Still seem to be really kniffig some level and one is often not as fast on the right solution. Some portals offer to forever figure for the correct answer to appropriate solutions to 4 images in 1 Word. However, in many cases, the collection of solutions is not helpful. For this reason are the varying level. These are namely not uniform and are generated at random. So, looking, for example, for the solution of level 55 and quickly finds a solution that matches but not the images of your own app. Therefore, it is at other portals again more on useful approaches used and presented the solutions based on a table.

So that no confusion occur is waived on the einzlenen images and the solutions are assigned on the basis of keywords. So, you will quickly find the right solution to the right level. The solutions of all level of “4 images 1 word” are available at… available. We may be curious what kinds of apps in the future will still appear. Clearly this is the developer anyway, so a lot can make money even if the apps are still so simple.