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There are selected products, at the time of purchase, you can assist children in emergency and win great prizes in the special six years it’s been, as the Nepal-born daughter of a couple of researchers began to tell a story to the people who should be henceforth genre forming for subsequent works. Countless authors and in particular authors have started since the release of jungle child”2005, to present the stories of their lives, they experienced in the most diverse corners of the world. Surrounded by Cannibals, there are the impressions that we don’t think our high-tech world capable of in our Western. Sabine Kuegler, German researcher’s daughter grows up in the jungle, in the midst of a tribe in the still ritual killings are carried out also in the 20.Jahrhundert. She swim with crocodiles sleeping under the open sky, watching while the cannibals, as they eat human flesh and encountered dangerous exotic animals almost every day.

Only at the age of 16, she leaves the Fayu on West Papua and get to know a world which appears to us so close and yet so foreign to her. The worlds collide just these first years are reflected in her bestselling book in the Western world and show the daily surprises, which keeps life for someone, who otherwise got to know it. This life is characterized by helplessness and the constant desire of returning to a world that seems so close and so alien to us you. Because we do not know them, Kugler is committed for years, that we get to know her and supported world vision Ambassador home helper-projects specifically aimed at pregnant women and infants in developing countries such as Myanmar, Nicaragua and Somalia. Help with and win can help her, so donates over the coming months for each product, by Sabine Kuegler, order in the shop 1 euro to support disadvantaged children to world vision. But not enough to take anyone who donates this automatically in a raffle of a special kind part. On the A brand new eBook reader, place waiting places one through three 4-10 20 euro voucher as well as the exclusive pocket book for the film jungle child looking forward to one”. Also the Honorable not go out, so all up including number 20 will receive an exclusive jungle fan package.

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