Both new campaign – "Defender of the Crown" and "Champion of the arena – with ease traversed in one night. And what about the "Hike of orcs, the main item in the list of advantages of the" Crossroads "? This is the same footworn along and across the campaign of the Princess in the Shell "from 2009, having undergone a slight change. See more detailed opinions by reading what Nieman Foundation offers on the topic.. Unfortunately, all new items have to look with a microscope – they are easily lost among the "starinok" with whom we have already found earlier. Lower rate – a short list of innovations. First, near the starting point of increased Tower, representing a five-story arena with nontrivial rivals. One of them, for example, makes all of its troops in the same type of fighters that are fighting on your side. Come to him with a dozen dragons – he currently nakolduyet hundred the same, and all you can safely restart.

Fun place, but it passes quickly enough. Secondly, the campaign got one (a whole one!) A new quest that is associated with the orcs and their ideological differences. Renegade like you guess will have to calm down by spirit out of them, and on this trip ends with the orcs. The only change in game mechanics affected only race of orcs, they now use their most powerful special ability is not God when toad-per put, but only after accumulating a certain level of "adrenaline" coming into the orc blood solely as a reward for destroying enemies. Other additions to the campaign and the smaller: 13 Spell, 12 of which are borrowed from the spirits of caskets from the first part, 9 types of armies are already familiar with an alternate war paint, yes, 70 new subjects, by which to collect the full "name" was a set of artifacts times difficult – because of the good for nothing allocation algorithm belongings all over the world playing some of them exist in two copies, and some, on the contrary, in the afternoon with fire not find.

That's all. If you forgot to remove from the ears PR-noodles, waiting for something more substantial, unfortunately you: a large-scale additions do not exist, and new "bun" is too small to significantly change the feel of another passing campaign. Nevertheless, at every turn as King's Bounty is incredibly prekrastna. Cheerful, colorful, attractive – quite unearthly quality of the game. If, for some ridiculous reason, a year ago you left the Princess in the Shell "without due attention – run to the store for the" Crossroads of the Worlds ".