Fashion is transient and impermanent. What is fashionable today will not be fashionable tomorrow. was not limited fashion in clothes and interior, but also on lifestyle, food and, of course, on the figure. Today, the ideal female figure, is figurNe boyish wonder, the most popular models in the world for several years, is Brazilian Gisele Bundchen, whose body was found the ideal, its parameters are 90-60-89 with growth 180 see these treasured figures 90-60-90, dream large number of women women, but they are within reach only a few. Let's see whether the pursuit of "ideal parameters" of our health and nerves? A slender female figure is not always considered a benchmark. Thus, in ancient times, beautiful women figure could not be considered as such if the woman was not a pleasant roundness. For example, Aphrodite, the ideal of beauty, had a growth of 164 cm, and the parameters of 86-69-93.

So, if you have an average height and similar volumes, congratulations, your figure – standard classical beauty. In the 15th century, fashion was the "noble form" on his chest was not supposed to appear, no bone. And considered the most beautiful long, slender legs with strong snow-white calves. In the 17th century was in fashion and narrow waist & expressive hip. This figure was considered the key to good health and a trouble free delivery. The ideal parameters of the time women were considered the parameters of the growth 98-72-105 156 cm in Russia was the ideal of feminine beauty stately, strong woman.

Such that "a burning house and go down and stop a galloping horse." Hudyshki in Russia were not in vogue than ever. Only in the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, the fashion for slim shapes: thin with sloping shoulders, narrow, boyish hips, small waist and small breasts. Beauties of the time were the growth of 160 cm and the parameters of 92-42-90. We showed you how volatile fashion, and if you do not want to be her victim, is to accept yourself for who you are, not forgetting this, that a body that would be in harmony with it, we must take care of. After all, tomorrow is your options may become a canon of beauty for years to come!