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Almost everyone can give intelligent advice, if it affects us personally do not. When Life Turns into a dead end just us, we tend to breed your hands and say to ourselves: "Clearly this can not cope", "This is not to me ", etc. Further details can be found at Kidney Foundation, an internet resource. In such cases, when it comes to something personal, ask advice from a loved one is simply inconvenient. If we are talking about very personal issues, it is to help the anonymous social network. Where can in no way not afraid and do not hesitate to ask any question and get an enormous number of different responses from people who were in a similar situation or can give useful advice. Why is it that they are called "anonymous social networks'? Because people here actually find new friends, friends, very similar in spirit, therefore it happens that people, when reading other people's testimony, a priori set to converge and to ensure that open.

We believe that this is the future of any dating website. And on the opposite side of this is the web-site of acquaintances. The only way to get an unbiased opinion of himself. Understand, the people evaluating you will analyze your profile and do not you, but it also makes sense. Since your profile VKontakte now viewed not only friends but also by other people. And if you are with someone met, and added to the friends, the bad form here – worst assistant, better not added at all. One guy recently asked: "How can I be like my favorite, so I asked her to marry me, and when I suggested – it was cool to me." It's pretty popular question often faced with the guys that do not see anything around except for his first girlfriend.