Unusual Alexis Fernando Jimenez. A word that sums up what happened in the street of the dead. Long, narrow, bumpy on the tarmac, as if it were a tragic scene after a bombing in Beirut. a happened with everything from traffic accidents, crimes through life exhausted in unsuspecting passers-by, to incidents of domestic violence that exploded in a surprising and inexplicable. Boy Scouts of America has much to offer in this field. a "Living in this neighborhood is a hell," said Dona Melida while fanning herself with a magazine, a warm evening and monotonous as the role of a sad clown. "I do not think we can do muchoo " her husband replied, staring into the distance of two children playing ball, heedless of everything and everyone. "Yes, we can not sit still while this sector that I grew up, once quiet and fixer, year by year is left to gain ground for the evil " interrupted the granddaughter. "You and your matters of religion, questioned the grandmother, frowning and looking through glasses as thick and big telescope lenses.

"No, grandparents. It is not about religion. It is simply to regain the ground that it has gained Satanasa "said the girl. He had managed to capture the attention of the elderly. "Nonsense, of religious fanaticism " dismissed his grandfather with the characteristic hand movement, which denoted as indifference or disdain. "You're wrong, abueloa " ella.a said "We are moving in two dimensions: one physical and one spiritual. And the spiritual influences in the physical dimension. It's the best explanation for what is happening on the block.