Guinness Book

Suzanne successes were so impressive that in ten years it fell into the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest master of sport of chess. For 12 years Susan has become a world champion in chess among girls under 16 years of age. In fifteen years, Suzanne has been the strongest player in its category. But with success came some problems. Adolescent the girl was difficult to combine the magic world of chess and his own talent with obscure the surrounding reality.

The most infuriating of all its divisions in chess a male and female championships. Total it was the third girl in history, won the title superchempiona chess. Suzanne has also been involved in women's chess championship, and won easily in 1996. Once, however, this title was canceled because she did not play mandatory qualification game for child care. Litigation dragged on for a long time with FIDE, and in the end she wins her case, but ossified bureaucracy and did not return her title, which once again confirmed how unwieldy and bureaucratic world was her okruzhayuschiy.Vy might think that Susan was such a terrible himself a botanist, who divorced from reality. In fact, it was a pretty girl who does not uvlekalasya only chess.

It's easy to talk to the 7 languages (Russian, Esperanto, French, Bulgarian, English, German, Spanish). So it turned out that the experiment was a success Laszlo. Laszlo himself once said that if his daughter at the time found a thermometer, and did not play chess, then perhaps the world would be a cure for cancer today. The remaining daughters teacher is also involved. Medium, Sofia, suddenly declared itself the world when in 1989 at the age of fourteen won the title of master of sports of chess (chess again) in the championship in Rome. She scored the highest number of points in the history of chess championships – 2879.