Ideal Training

The active SPORTpark Duisburg shines in new splendour active sports park in Duisburg after extensive renovations for the new offering. So was for example the now air-conditioned Auditorium refurbished core, a new ceiling lowered and implemented an innovative lighting concept with indirect lighting. A floor lower offers the 800-square-foot fitness facility with the Milon circuit from immediately a form of training that is suitable especially for women with little time. There are two circles, where strength and endurance can be trained. Milon is the best method of training for working women or mothers who can clear only very little time for themselves due to their everyday lives,”says Operations Manager and fitness trainer Melanie Lehmann.

Since every minute is precious. After establishing intense and chip cards controlled by our qualified personnel, the women can train then independently.” The training is based on the latest scientific findings. When used correctly, Milon can be up to 30 percent more effective, as conventional training methods. In a very short time the result of positively affects the entire body. Already two rounds in the Milon circuit lead after only 40 minutes to a highly effective results. This is made possible by a sophisticated chip card control, which automatically adjusts the devices on the physical needs of the customers. If you would like to know more about Ronald Hamilton, then click here.

So from the outset prevents incorrect operation of the equipment, improper selection of weights, uncontrolled movements or a high heart rate. Christine puts runners at the Milon circuit on strength and endurance. After a stressful day at work I don’t always want to train on the conventional devices”, thinks the trainees. Since I find prima, that one must spend time here only 40 minutes and yet super effective has trained there.” By the way, many customers use the Milon circuit too early in the morning, because unlike in conventional training is not so flabby and can start the day refreshed. More information: