Learning Community

Online music school offers a big step OpenMusicSchool, which makes online music school videos for learning and interaction between the users of Munich, 20.07.2011 forward and is expanding with the newly designed Internet site their learning community. The OpenMusicSchool became known with her teacher and founder Philip Edelmann especially through YouTube. On his instructional videos, he owes the onslaught a hitherto completely new and revolutionary training concept (learning without notes, fun rather than coercion, enthusiasm instead of duty). The countless learning videos for piano, keyboard, electric guitar, bass, drums, recording and composition are now very popular with a wide and loyal community of approximately 20,000 portal users. The aim of the new site is so Philip Edelmann, many thousand users, we have in the OpenMusicSchool also to link, to offer them a platform of interaction and make it still more people, through online courses in the music and the music to inspire”. At this point, he adds: we make the people a little happier – this is no empty phrase, which I hear on YouTube, Facebook or email from my students every day and am particularly proud!” The OpenMusicSchool’s new learning platform offers now a blog, in the Philip Edelmann and his team regularly informed about interesting news from the world of music and musical instruments. These include also blog reports on various music events, such as the Frankfurt Music fair. In addition, various community events will be announced in the blog, where the members personally can get know each other.

Another innovation is the Forum: here users can rely on the full knowledge of the entire learning community and also determine the topics. Various categories offer for example the possibility to ask questions to other users or to take part in exciting discussions. The Forum is to strengthen the community character of the OpenMusicSchool and promote the fun of playing common music. In addition to the paid 600 There are a whole series of free videos to the pure trial premium videos that show step by step how to makes his own music and plays no foreign things, on the page. There are also sections, such as the instruments purchase tips that completely and at any time free of charge are available to all users.