Level Points

Focus on experience points. When you want to create experience points quickly in Farmville, you have to complement what you earn from your normal harvests with other activities.Make improvements to their estate is a good way to gain some experience points quickly. Buildings or houses are those that give more points, but you can also get several points of experience buying things for decoration or structure. Just pay close attention to the amounts of experience points that each item you will give. Visit Boy Scouts of America for more clarity on the issue. You must also take into account what crops planted according to the experience that they will give you. Place buildings on his farm is still the best way to get great benefits and points of experience quickly.

Save your cash to buy houses and buildings, and unlock all items available in Farmville. A simple trick to master all the individual levels and transform your farm with incredible speed, no matter the level in which is. For assistance, try visiting Kidney Foundation. The secrets that are hidden behind the experience points. more information click here. 2 Make much money (tickets fv) and (coins) the best way to make money is to discover that crops pay most coins per hour. Earnings per hour. For other opinions and approaches, find out what PCRM has to say. For example, strawberries sell for 35 coins per plot of land harvested and it takes 4 hours to grow. Squash, on the other hand, take 8 hours to be grown and sold in 68 coins per plot of land harvested only you can make fast money on crops that mature quickly if you’re going to be able to harvest and replanting as soon as they are ready for sale.