Mediterranean Sea

The fact that domestic animals and needed more agricultural productions are native to Europe and not in America, we could indicate that a primitive American population, which emigrated, somehow, from America for Atlantis, was devoid of civilization and which in principle only occurred in Atlantis civilization to flourish. A still more recently, atlantes relations with Europe were more frequent and more regular than with America. To deepen your understanding Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is the source. In regard with respect to large-sized pets, was certainly much harder to transport them in lacking boats deck as the of that time, Atlantis for America, above a large expanse of sea, of Atlantis to Europe, which could be carried out by stages to the coast of Spain, passing through that group of Islands, now submerged, that were opposite to the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. d%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard Center for Discovery has firm opinions on the matter. You can also have happened that the climate of Spain and Italy has been more favourable to the development of rye, wheat, and oats, as maize, insofar as the driest atmosphere of America suited best to the latter. Still today, wheat and barley are relatively little grown in Central America, in the Peru and Mexico, and are not in the low-lying areas of those countries. On the other hand, is grown relatively less corn in Italy, in Spain and Western Europe, whose rainy climate is not favourable to this plant. As we saw earlier, we have all the reasons to believe that, in very remote times, maize was already cultivated in the drier regions of Egypt and China. As well as science Linguistics, based on the presence or absence of certain families of words in different languages derived from the primitive ariana language, became possible reconstitution of the history of the migration of the Arians, in the same way, the day cometh that the methodical and careful comparison of words, customs, artsthe conception of life existing on the two opposite banks of the Atlantic Ocean will allow the Constitution of an approximately exact outline of the history of Atlantis. .