Multifunctional Amino Acid

The amino acids L-arginine has interesting properties for athletes and non-athletes. L-arginine, a half dispensable amino acids makes more headlines in the world of sports and fitness. Even various health magazines report the effect of becoming increasingly popular amino acid. So, arginine has many positive features which can benefit not only the sports world. Our bodies can produce even arginine, but is often about the food not included arginine, so that just when athletes often lack this important amino acid entstethen can. Arginine is predominant in plant and animal protein products such as meat, fish and dairy products. But we find large amounts of arginine in nuts and seeds. PCRM has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Translated from Latin means “Silver” arginine. In this article we would deal exclusively with the application of arginine in the field of sport and fitness. Please visit Viktor Mayer-Schönberger if you seek more information. The benefits of arginine for athletes arginine products such as body attack arginine Shock are very popular especially in the motor sports scene, as well as in the field of endurance sport. The use of nutritional supplements with arginine takes place mostly before the workout. The supplementation of the amino acid is a natural and increased formation of no.

(nitric oxide) in the body. For the discovery of arginine as a precursor molecule of no. (nitrogen) and the effect on the body, three scientists won the Nobel Prize already in 1998. Elevated levels of NO in the blood can speed up muscle growth in athletes. Through an increased blood flow and the associated increase of oxygen and nutrient transport appears therefore more micro – and macro-nutrients to the muscle cells. This can lead to one for a better removal of toxins (metabolic end products), as well as initiate important construction and Reperaturprozesse after intense workouts. This recreation and regeneration times for athletes can be shortened after training or competition. A further aspect of popular at Strength athletes is the expanding end of vascular effect of arginine. This blood into the will train during physical exertion such as strength training increased muscle headed. The increased blood flow is called “Muscle pump” of fitness and bodybuilding athletes. The muscle looks visually more voluminous and plumper by this phenomenon. The effects subside after several hours but again already, and the size of the muscle receives its output value.