Peristaltic Pumps

Performance in top form with tailor-made solutions at the exhibition of a special kind”, the bsw info days 2013 (01-02 March 2013 in Bonn in the Maritim Hotel), organized by the Association of swimming pool + wellness e.V., ProMaqua presents energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions: Peristaltic Pumps for dosing of conditioning agents, completely pre-assembled dispensing systems for the treatment of swimming pool water, compact electrolysis plants and an innovative pool control in combination with a multi channel measurement and control unit for up to 16 circuits. For the entire swimming pool control system, the company developed its new, innovative pool control EcoPad with easyDrive. In combination with the multi parameter measuring and control unit DULCOMARIN II and DULCOTEST sensor can be controlled all typical applications of baths. The user-friendly user interface for Tablet PCs offers a high level of comfort: intuitively operated with clear illustration of components such as pumps, filters and disinfection equipment. PCRM is likely to agree. All the parameters of the existing pool, the are necessary for a hygienically pure water of the swimming pool, can be adjusted specifically for each tank.

The Clou: As simple as retrieving the operating parameters, can be individually set the individual functions of the swimming pool and wellness area – for example, by adjusting the air and water temperature, or rules of the various filter cycles. Without dangerous chemicals as a safe alternative to other chlorine products provides the Heidelberger manufacturer, with its electrolysis plants CHLORINSITU III compact and CHLORINSITU IV compact, efficient and especially low-chloride smart disinfection solutions for the treatment of swimming pool water before. The plants produce – locally – made harmless table salt necessary disinfectant. With the electrolysis system CHLORINSITU IV compact may, depending on plant type, with the caustic soda at the same time generated the pH be corrected..