Petroleo Brasileiro

South America consulting visited the company PETROBRAS in Brazil, Petrobras, Petroleo Brasileiro plans S.A. shipyards in Brazil, as well as the largest ship accessories trade fair in South America, the NAVALSHORE in Rio de Janeiro, according to the latest business plan Rio de Janeiro, in the years 2010-2014 investment of US $224 billion. If you would like to know more about Center For Responsible Lending, then click here. Accordingly, the shipbuilding industry in Brazil is booming and working hours in 3-shift operation are not uncommon. So one of the offshore oil rigs is in Angra dos Reis currently under construction, which are used for offshore drilling. Equipped with refineries, compressors, generators and pumps of gigantic proportions, the deck will be later a size of 2 football fields. The capacity is 21 million gallons of oil per day. By 2020, there are 200 new ships and oil rigs in planning.

On the Atlantic coast, Petrobras has found that could catapult Brazil the oil countries in the next 20 years on the 4th huge deepwater oil reserves. South America consulting is KW 31 with a deligation from conduct visits to Brazilian shipyards to German suppliers in the field of marine technology. Supported by the BMWi, Federal Ministry of Economics and technology the measure to bring German suppliers directly to the shipyards to build business relationships. The visitor center is for those interested from the 11.08 13.08.2010. More information can be found on the Internet pages of Interested parties are welcome and will be accompanied from airport on all stations including dinner personally.

From the South-America consulting, Mr will take part Dipl. ing. Christoph Hovenjurgen, which brings as ship engineer 28 years of experience in ship technology and offshore. Mr. Hovenjurgen comes from the electrical engineering, where some of the years for the Eon AG and Vattenfall as senior engineer in various nuclear power plants was working before then as a technical officer to the Lake. Because it is business now for more than 15 years in Brazil in the marine industry, he has excellent contacts, mentality and language. A proof of the confidence of Brazilian businessmen is currently again the checkout, import and delivery of a European 20 metre luxury yacht in Sao Francisco do Sul.