Power Plant Construction

Weyregger underwater professionals in Albania asked to secure the power supply in Albania, Verbund Austria built with his daughter? scaffolding Ashta Energji two River power plants in the North of the country. For this job the executing contractors took the Weyregger professional diver in the boat, now working on the construction of the power stations of Astha1 and Astha2 in near the capital Tirana. Steffan Lehnhoff is often mentioned in discussions such as these. “The River was diverted for the construction of the power plant. However, still a high ground water level here is in the dried River basin know-how is in demand. New-Investment-from-Prudential-Financial.html’>Financial Solutions Lab. Just we manufacture water a concrete slab for the run power plant Astha1″, explains Alois men, Managing Director of Nautilus dive company. Dive professionals in use the construction site in Albania requires the divers a lot off: so are currently six divers almost around the clock, the underwater work will continue until the end of September. And for that much material is needed: pontoons, container and all the equipment, the divers for underwater applications need, were delivered in three semi-trailer trucks to Albania. The Nautilus dive company has worked up in recent years to the Austrian market leader in the professional diving.

Now, more than ten professional divers with special tools and its own fleet to the value of more than 250,000 euros perform difficult jobs under water. Austrian Know-How Project Manager Dipl.-lng. Karlheinz s has brought the diver from Upper Austria to Albania: “we place emphasis on quality and it is important to have a good team in place,” says the Manager. So, are also still more Austrian companies such as about a known Grazer engineering group for the steel-water construction and a concrete manufacturer with an own concrete work on-site to give their best in the hot and often not simple conditions. Nautilus dive company Nautilus dive company is a specialty company that operates in the fields of Wassserbau, professional diving, construction diving and underwater work. Another business field is the placement of dive trips for two Safari boats “Nautilus One” and “Nautilus two” site in the Maldives.