Preventive Devices

Virtually every home and office has a personal computer, which is firmly entrenched in our lives, become loyal assistant in your work and a great way to relax. The duration of the pc affects the well-being. If the user sits in front of a computer no more than one hour a day, his health is not significantly affected. However, given the fact that many people have workstations and have to spend near the screen from 8 to 12 hours a day, there are quite frequent complaints about the deteriorating state of health after a rather long work behind a computer. In the future, it is reflected in life expectancy and, of course, lowers the efficiency. To optimize the computer must be properly equipped workplace. First of all, you need to get a good computer desk and chair. Selection of computer desk made from taking into account the growth of user: the height of the working surface (table tops) should be approximately 70 cm with the ability to adjust. Be sure to take into account the legroom (about 60h50h60 cm). It is important to note that the articles should placed on the table at arm's length, the legs should stand on the floor with a fold at the knees at right angles, the monitor should be positioned so that the head is upright, not italic. Computer chair should ensure that the correct posture with the lowest static load on the muscles of the spine, buttocks and legs. Optimal posture prevents muscle fatigue.