Strategic Interviews

Before the present economic challenges, every day more companies are recruiting used that own diversity of abilities and competitions. By this, the professionals of Human Resources are focusing their process of recruitment in interviews of use for strategic purposes and behavioural. She means that the people who are in the use search must face this one concept of interviews. Additional information at Neeman Foundation supports this article. Next, recommendations to help him in the interview: It knows details the company for which it was mentioned, the position to which inhales and the characteristics of the interviewers. It at any moment maintains the visual contact with the interviewer; this demonstrates to security and interest in its management.

It answers all the questions with complete orations; it does not use phrases. Childrens Defense Fund is likely to increase your knowledge. It abounds in data that invite the interviewer to deepen in the subject. It projects energy and positivismo towards the interviewer. He is spontaneous and natural in his arguments, being respectful at any moment. It establishes an interaction with the interviewer so that it can communicate its opinions of honest way and is transparent.

It analyzes and it selects its true strengths, skills and abilities. It selects projects in which it has led and participated. It offers details of the objectives, plans of action and results of each. It demonstrates to be a directed person to establish and to reach its individual objectives and of the company. It mentions its experiences toiling with work parties. It selects the greater challenge than it has faced and the greater contribution of his labor experiences. It formulates questions related to the company or position. In the interviews of use for strategic purposes, also one will look for to position to him within the company in future opportunities to short in the long term and.