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Side Includes

Those who have achieved success with Adsense, do have some formulas, these formulas is tested and work if applied correctly. Then give him the five main rules to achieve a good result by using Adsense. 1. The first basic rule is the format of Adsense ad. The format gives the best result in most of the pages is the 336×280 large rectangle. The reason for using this format over the other is simple and Adsense ads will look like normal links within your site, and this lead to more clicks into place. 2.

Take care to create your own color palette. With careful selection of colors, can greatly increase the number of clicks you get, is how we'll do the edges and bottoms of the Adsense ads the same color as our own background page, the main idea behind this is to Apparently the ads as much as possible to simple links within the site, with this will increase significantly the number of clicks. 3. Adsense ads not hide. This is a mistake, instead, always try to highlight them as much as possible, put them where they are easily seen, ideally at the top of the page, a high exposure of them generate a high level of clicks is what we mainly. 4.

Keep important links. If you find some links that are better than others, give and keep them, then put yours on these and will be seen first to see the page. 5. Automate the insertion of Adsense ads. I automated the insertion of Adsense code on the page using SSI (Server Side Includes). Check with the administrator of your server does support SSI. The process is simple, put the Adsense code in a text file, save it as Adsense.txt, and upload to the root of your server, then calls the code using SSI. In this way saves time, especially if you use automatic page generators. Following these simple rules, generate high traffic and high clickthrough rate. Take care to keep a theme to make it interesting, keep it updated and that this will generate more visitors and therefore more likely to click on his Adsense ads. With this system you will see that manages to generate high income from your website, try and see the results. Now discover in ours.

Page Rank

In short, if you're already using duplicate articles, it is almost certain that your site never risen to the top of search engines, but that Google will ban the user to the site … I doubt it! That's why the original content will always win on duplicate content, the more importance will be given to a site, blog or forum that is updated daily bringing new things to the internet, that's why blogs and forums often occupy the first results of search engines, even without actually being "Optimized" for search. If the belief that the websites that contain duplicate items were to be penalized, then the question would be the inevitable question will happen to the article directories?? Will all be penalized or banned?? A. – In my opinion … To broaden your perception, visit PCRM. Here comes into play the correct strategy of the writers when it comes to promoting your site through the DA.

(Directory of Articles), once created an article asegurarce the webmaster must first publish the article in your own website, wait some time that the article will be indexed by search engines and only then "paste" in the DA, this is the real game with the articles: On the one hand create unique and fresh content on your website, because the SE will see your site as something important to bring news on the Internet, your site will be indexed higher in the SE. In addition to "paste" your articles in the DA, the SE will see that site as handling duplicate content and may not give priority in search results, but still and you will get a link to your website and the possibility that other webmasters publish your articles (if they are good and interesting) on its website, creating a network of natural links pointing to your site and increase your Page Rank. Yet this does not mean that not to be used for other items on your site, just say it's better to create expensive original content for search engines, I myself use duplicate content on my sites all English-speaking (this because I'm bad to write English) and still get a small income using adsense … because this is better than nothing. Another reason I believe in English sites with duplicate content, it is because adsense pays more for ads in English, often more than $ 1 per click, as competition for keywords in adwords is more intense than in Spanish. In summary: Create original content is better than duplicate for a better search engine rankings. (It is said that 80% of the traffic coming from search engines and it's free). When creating your first article "paste" on your website, where you sure it was indexed by the SE, you can "paste" in all that you are DA. You can create websites with duplicate items, but agrees that traffic will not get much free in the SE. so you have to use other marketing strategies to attract visitors to those sites. Now discover in ours.