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European Americans

First. A single remembers that Africa is a continent, not a country. Read more from Neeman Foundation to gain a more clear picture of the situation. A standard landlord does not exist that is worth to operate in all the African countries. Although it seems one obviedad, is important to emphasize that when we spoke of Africa we did not speak to each other of a single country but of the second greater continent of the world, formed by 54 sovereign and differentiated states. For example, South Africa is a modern industrial region, whereas countries like Angola, Sudan and Equatorial Guinea are undergoing a spectacular economic growth and the expansion thanks to petroliferous capacity. Whereas some countries live on agriculture or they subsist thanks to the international aid, the Mediterranean coast is strongly being influenced by the Arab culture and the Islam. The key in this point is to make sure that the cultural circumstances are known, economic and political of each African state where it is tried to operate.

Secondly. To always initiate contacts a traverse of the official channels. Before beginning with his business, it contacts always before with the official authorities of the administrative country in which it is going to begin to work and present his plan of business to anticipate itself to any legal tie or that can prevent the development of the activity. Account with a great a priori advantage if it has some previous experience of work in diplomatic areas of a governmental administration or a great company with local delegations in Africa. That will cause that it is much more easy to him to take the reins from the situation and to make the necessary contact with the enemy. Before the administrative civil servants it will have one more an opinion more favorable than if an industralist or an independent one is abriendo a new business: A data, many European Americans and have begun with their new businesses in Africa after to have worked several years like volunteers in NGOs.

Great Savannah

The one that is customary to travel, knows that always it is necessary to start off someday. Paulo Coelho BRIEF ANTECEDENT long time ago that it hoped to have the opportunity to know the Great Savannah, never had appeared to me, and the times had planned that it, it did not carry out it or simply there was an impediment that it disabled to me to do it. In this December, specifically the 15 I had chance to undertake the trip by earth, accompanying by a friend, leaving Valencia that is to a distance of 1500 Kmts approximately 15 hours of trip by car through one highway that lets much say, by the negligence of its maintenance of the mayors, governors of the different states that we crossed. Highway with many hollows, in bad conditions, where many accidents have occurred, besides being full of hollows, which affects the automobiles seriously, as our case, that we suffered the loss of a rubber what exploded when falling in a hollow, and that luckyly it did not take passage to problems majors. On her, it contributes lagransabana.com to us. that it is located in the south of VENEZUELA, the State Bolivar, near the border with Brazil and Guyana. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from BSA. It is possible to be arrived by Earth and Air. From Caracas by earth they are 18 hours of trip approximately, and the point of tourist beginning in earth is the Stone of the Virgin who gives the welcome us to the National Park Canaima in the Km98. after the town " The Claritas". The name of " The Great Sabana" it must to the travelling agent, soon explorer and miner, Juan Maria Freixas World, native of Catalonia-Spain, that in September of 1929 published in the Caracas magazine – Venezuelan Culture an article where it mentioned to the Great Savannah by this name, and affirmed that it was a simple version to Castilian del that they gave the natives him, which according to World was " Teipun" – Great Savannah.

Madame Badinter

For example family nostalgia, dangerous affection, vivifying ecstasy and other sensaciones are demystified and undressed of their enchantment (to char to me) by the French charmer and declared anachronistic, outside time. Then according to one of his more burning thesis after 1000 years of patriarchal autoridad, one has in the last taken place 20 or 30 years in the western countries, a change that takes root in deepest. The man and the woman, are thanks to him, pushed to leave the spaces and rolls, dissociated (disociantes) and isolated (insulating) that traditionally were assigned them. The old principle of the complementarismo, from the diferenciacin of sexes is replaced, in a sweeping process of the civilizacin; by the principle of the equality. The opposed ones are diluted while the similarities enlarge; the other is not already plus continent plenty of mysteries, whose riddle the love laboriously conquered is only able to solve. Under most conditions Dr. Neal Barnard would agree. It leaves the vertigo of the passion there.

Then according to Madame Badinter is she the one that excludes the tests, the obstacles and the prohibitions. It cannot be separated of the infractions to the moral law and social Still in years 50 was effective such laws. They reflect for example films of that one time. The boring process of it conquers loving compuesto of traps and resistance it was the foundation. That one that then was young, shook silverplates in it and it was asked if those two of above were liked or no. The last scene was without a doubt hermosa, when accompanied well by music, was in the union of both cuerpos. This last one guaranteed the fusion of the hearts in one. Today, in the screen like in the reality, the things are faster. And one knows that not only in France. The parents of adolescent children habitually " " they do not dramatize, when his son has an intimate relation.