Technological Development

In accordance with the Civil Code copyrights belong to the organization, unless otherwise approved in contract, but if you create a copyrighted work organization within three years is not patent-pending technology, the author has every right to patent it himself. In such situations, intellectual property owners not stick spanner in the authors because kommertsializovyvat the product they can not. That's kind of a brain drain. They are followed by the patent holders, these are people who have received a patent, it need not necessarily be the author, because he may assign his right to obtain a patent. Further there are patent attorneys who on the basis of a patent attorney.

For foreign nationals involved patent attorneys need to Russian own citizens at will. Patent attorneys – it's often former employees of Rospatent, they know all the rules and methods of filing patents and work with them makes life easier . Next come the heirs to whom move on the basis of contracts of donation, and so on right to ownership of the right patents. State in certain situations, yet can not afford to patent its technology by the authors. This happens in cases when the very patent technology has information vital importance to national security. Further, society itself, upon the expiry of the possession of a patent becomes the owner of this technology, which contributes Scientific and . A patent is valid for twenty years from the date of filing, in some cases its effect can be prolonged for another five years, and then patent the technology is given to the public for consideration. It turns out that the patenting of the technology, there are four members – the society, state, author, patent holder. The author, a man invented a new technology, the new method has honor and respect, and the main cash flow from intellectual property flows into the pockets of the patent. Rightly or wrongly, I think rightly, because often the author does not know what the market, marketing, production, how to get the product where to get the money, without a good manager can not do.