The Art Of The Intuitive Advice

The art of intuitive counseling profession of the 21st century believe to create, feel to know intuitive advice is an integral system of advice and generative change that uses the presence, active listening, intuitive skills and multi-dimensional and extrasensory senses to offer guidance, clarity and relevant information about any issue and tools and accelerators procedures of integral and generative change of individuals and entities, procedures that are supported by the latest scientific research. It represents a new paradigm in the aid relationship (if it can be called new) who comes to integrate, innovate and revolutionize the vision and the traditional approach of professions with the help, assistance and advice (medicine, psychology, alternative therapies, coaching, NLP, consultancy) integrating them into a comprehensive and transcendent framework that returns power to the individual or entity. Intuitive counseling integrates within its theoretical foundation all the philosophical and scientific knowledge accumulated throughout our history with the intuitive wisdom and spiritual of all time anchoring firmly in the new emerging paradigm ciencia-conciencia. A system that brings and focuses on transformation, optimization of the creative flow, generative change, the development of human potential, the empowerment and the automaestria. (A valuable related resource: Boy Scouts of America). Practical applications of the intuitive advice include the comprehensive personal advice (health mind body, mental and emotional blocks, performance optimization, activation of human creative potential, vital guidance, emotional intelligence, emotional relationships, sense of life, crisis-cambio, spiritual evolution, growth), collective and organizational advice (advice application to business, social and educational level) and spiritual counselling (self-realization), contributing profoundly creative emerging solutions from that place of our identity that is beyond our consciousness surface or ego. A service aligned with the new times that integrates the rational with the intuitive to offer a service that covers all dimensions of our human experience, generating and accelerating processes of comprehensive change and opening of consciousness. The mystery is the most beautiful thing we can experience. .