The Citizen

In the verbal speech, the problem if decides, at last, in the ostensive function of the speech. In other terms, the reference if decides in the power to show a common reality interlocutores' '. With the writing, the things already they had started to move. It does not have more, with effect, common situation to the writer and the reader. Checking article sources yields Kidney Foundation as a relevant resource throughout. At the same time, the concrete conditions of the act to show do not exist more. ' ' What it must be interpreted in the text, is the one proposal of world, of a world as can inhabit it stops in it projecting one of my possible more proper.

It is what I call world of the text, the proper world to this ceiling nico' '. ' ' The world of the text of that we speak is not, therefore, of the language quotidiana' '. ' ' It constitutes a new species of distanciamento that if could say between the Real and itself exactly. One is about the distanciamento that the fiction introduces in our apprehension of real' '. The third type of distanciamento is This that the hermeneutic experience must incorporate. Fourth and it finishes dimension of the text notion is To understand itself ahead of the workmanship.

The text is the mediation for which in we understand we ourselves. This subject marks the entrance in scene of the subjectivity of the reader. The traditional hermeneutic problem of appropriation or of the application of the text to the present situation of the speaker is agreed by Ricoeur. The appropriation is dialeticamente on to the typical distanciamento of the writing. Thanks to the distanciamento for the writing, the appropriation does not possess plus none of the characters of the affective affinity with the intention of an author. The appropriation is understanding for in the distance, understanding in the distance. The appropriation is dialeticamente on to the typical objetivao of the Workmanship. The appropriation possesss ' ' the thing of texto' ' that Ricoeur the flame of ' ' the world of obra' '. This proposal does not meet acts of the text, as a species of occult intention, but ahead of it, as what the workmanship unmasks, it discovers, it discloses. Therefore, to understand is to understand itself ahead of the text. ' ' The understanding becomes, then I oppose, it of a constitution of that the citizen would have the key. To this respect, it would be more just to say that itself it is constituted by ' ' coisa' ' of texto.' ' ' ' The understanding becomes, then as much dispossession how much apropriao.' ' ' ' We cannot more oppose hermeneutic and criticizes of the ideologies. It criticizes it of the ideologies is the shortcut that the understanding of itself must necessarily take, in case that this is left to form for the thing of the text, and not for the preconceptions of leitor' '. Thus, &#039 is perceived that; ' in all the levels of the analysis, the distanciamento is the condition of compreenso' '.