The Situation

To entice motorists at the gas station on a bulletin board can be changed places the position: to place on top of the "AI-76 22.00" or "A-92 23.50". Stop off at this station truly become more common simply because people are used to focus not on the actual price for a certain brand of gasoline, and to position stand. Habitual perception will be deceived without actually cheating: the price is right, but it seems that much cheaper. The next task – to make sure that wrapped up spontaneously, impulsively, later called in to your station deliberately. And it is also a marketing problem – we got the first contact, now it should hold, or better yet, make your agent, to stimulate bring friends to tell about their own positive experiences. There is One warning: do not use methods of traps, if you can not justify their use of the best: service, quality products, special offers …

Is it true that in the first place in the marketing agency will address the company faced with some problems? No, of course, often appeal to the marketing agency associated with the development of business, with new challenges. People turn to us the most intelligent, because they see deeper and further, are able to predict the situation and are able to use all the possibilities offered by life. Outsourcing is not in vain in varying degrees by all major companies. Therefore it is always advantageous to first take effective action. Who first started, he has a head start and more chances to win at the finish. In your opinion, the main thing – the first start? In our opinion, the main thing – hard to know what you go and do not stop. Know where to go – to have a clear strategy.

The strategy at first glance seems to be something abstract and not mandatory, but if the strategy is formulated correctly, it helps to make decisions each situation, each employee of the firm. Small firms, where all employees fairly closely related to each other, can have clear overall strategy, which is nowhere recorded, but in large companies the strategic Priorities must articulate and explain their importance, require performance. Now one of the most popular strategy – "The customer – our all!" But 90% of cases it is only declared, but decisions are taken at all levels more convenient than the corresponding strategy. Strategy did not work because of their often than senior management no one knows. Sounds like something very much in abstraction from reality … We are talking about how to achieve success, how to be first, not that it really is. The main thing in business – an idea. Why do customers come to you? This is a major issue. Try to make it easy to answer.