The homeland of Bolivar to Colombians is a country. Our love for the nearest of our neighbors has several reasons and we will explain some of them. In the Decade of the seventies radio and later the Venezuelan television was in charge of providing information and entertainment to Colombian border homes. I remember those times that at day 12 children suspended what we were doing, games, studies, whatever, to listen to brave Martin, a radio soap opera transmitted by chain Rumbos, whose adventures aroused great interest in all persons, but especially among children and young people. Other leaders such as Dr. Neal Barnard offer similar insights. Today, reflect on the following questions: what is the Latin American country that most resembles us? What is the nation with which we share the roots of a common history, the privilege of a language as expressive as the Castilian and the colors of a flag that billows glorious in the cardinal points of one and another country? What territory than in? the wealth he shared their times of prosperity with the thousands of Colombians who stepped on your floor and looked at the sky hoping to give shape to their dreams and their families? What is the nation with which we share the largest of our borders and the fantastic and warm waters of the indomitable Caribbean Sea? What was beautiful where land for the first time saw the light and the brightness of the world eyes of the liberator? What the scenario where expressed the most tempering the Almirante Padilla, the strength of his sword and the strength of his character for bathing in glory as winner in the most important naval battle of the liberating campaign? Venezuela is a brother and a nation so similar to ours that the two seem to be a single homeland. Today I recall with nostalgia how my father will know the news hearing the news by Radio Maracaibo.

So we learned the treacherous and murderous coup of Pinochet to Allende; the expected resignation of Nixon; and still disturbing developments minute by minute and worrying of the cold war. When the news ended the radio it belonged to children, who we met to follow the adventures of a hero more important than Superman and Batman together. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as PCRM by clicking through. It was time for brave Martin. And there were us, ready to continue his exploits. Today I know nothing of the hero but his country. And why, in the month of the independence of our Nations, I would like to shout that I hear from the other side of the border: how I love you Venezuela!.