World Famous Brand BMW

It all began in 1913 with the unification of two German businessmen, Rapp Motorenwerke and Otto Flugzeugwerke. Both were keen on aircraft, but the business did not succeed. In 1917 he created the company Bayerische Motorenwerke GmbH, year later re-registered in the Joint Society, whose Director General, is Franz-Josef Popp, was he in 1917, employs, employment, engineer, aircraft engine Max Fritz. He belongs to the idea, the creation of the famous motorcycle bmw. A first production car bmw 328 off the production line in 1936 and immediately liked the general public with their originality.

It is with this car went epic bmw, a unique grille and badge in the form of a propeller, and we still can observe in cars bmw. This sports roadster that time was equipped with avant-garde technical innovations: the tubular frame, six-cylinder engine with a head unit made of light alloys, the new valve train with barbells. Today, the bmw 328 is the present automotive legend. The few surviving cars simply can not be bought at any price. Unique photos of bmw you can download by clicking on the link below: