Human beings: dom to make the difference! common people versus different People common People, the world are repleto of them, the art of if to detach and to be different is one dom, Behaviors reflects our common interior, People can exterior be beautiful, but in the end they are only common people. Different people are those that they had drunk of the source of the love, and had been touched by angels, are beautiful pure, even so feeling of the word the pureness are unknown for the human beings, think of free proper form of any alienation, they illuminate, and they leave the life most beautiful, for where pass everything becomes more good, they had inherited the compassing of the happiness, know to treat the people as a doura and love that them is proper, they are gotten passionate by the nature and for the o its creator, they would not pass one day without speaking of love, and as if becoming of they? Liberte, it thinks of form it legalizes, one gets rid of any alienation, alive the life, therefore it is beautiful you has a mission, only alive and not if she arrests, that its mission will be fulfilled, has a mind it exempts and it has led as the wind, when if to become a different human being you will be happy of truth and you will reach the way of the sky.. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger addresses the importance of the matter here. . . Continue to learn more with: PCRM.