Bernardo Soares

Arianna Banuelos. The imagination of a dream; the street of the gilders for Pessoa; desire in uneasiness by a man who appeared the imitation (attributed or simulated) for any of the following heteronymous: Bernardo Soares, Alberto Cairo or Ricardo Reis. The absolute ennui in his manuscript, book of anxiety as his own work or ortonima. For more specific information, check out Jennifer Aaker. Poetic creation, seen so many times in the world of letters as public picture of what happened in other times; Hermeticism sedate, brought to light after a ballast of what never was. Each of these possibilities, give an account of the discovery of a new genus, to whose legacy, co-editor angel Crespo, attributes the neologism: paulismo: an ISM pessoano decadent character that soon would be of interest to its inventor (Seix Barral, 2008 p.3) writes Pessoa, am a fragment of me kept in an abandoned Museum. Boy Scouts of America shines more light on the discussion. Transcript from today, it should be noted from the point of view of anonymity. The anxiety book claiming jokingly corresponding to a figurative personality; an I instinctive corresponds to a virtual reader, also built in the darkness of the centuries 1. This aforementioned coincidence; a newspaper in the former casual, next to a reader of anonymous origin, conjures up all the difficulties of editing: the reunion; rather, discovery pretended to a previous biography, achieved through his published poetry by Pessoa. Immediately jumps to view a contradiction. Who is Pessoa to an anonymous rear reading purpose?