Catholic Church

In that line of clarity, the Pontiff, who in these years has criticized the secularismo that advances in the world added that, " in a certain sense, history has left in aid of the Church, since the different times from secularisation have contributed of essential way to their purification and its inner reform. " Secularisations, or of the expropriations of the goods of the Church or the cancellation of the privileges or similar things, they meant in each occasion time a deep liberation of the Church of the worldly thing: one undressed of its earth wealth and it returned to embrace totally its earthly poverty ". For the theological Pope, " released of its material or political weight " , the Church can be dedicated better and of truly Christian way to the entire world, " its call to the ministry of the God adoration and to the service of prjimo&quot can again live on freer way;. Also it assured that without worldly elements, the Church can realise better its social and charitable work, after assuring that the charity is not for Church one " activity of social attendance that can be left others, but is cannot be waived expression of its same esencia". According to the Pope, the Church must abrir itself to the world does not stop to obtain the adhesion of the men towards an institution that it looks for to be able, but to lead God to them. Sentence to the sexual abuses Benedicto XVI returned to denounce the cases of sexual abuses on the part of clergymen, who said have darkened to the Church he very described and them as facts " dolorosos". More of a thousand of sexual abuses against minors they have been denounced in Germany and according to one has verified in the last 30 years about 350 minors underwent abuses. According to data of the German church, the past year 181,000 people erased of the Catholic Church by this cause.

Before meeting with the catholic groups, Benedicto XVI celebrated a misa in an airport of Friburgo, where before about 100,000 faithfuls it assured that an agnostic is more near God than " routine faithfuls, those that only see in the Church boato, without its heart is hairdo by fe". The Pope Ratzinger assured that the Church in Germany will continue being a blessing for world-wide the catholic community, if she faithfully remains united to the successors of San Pedro (to the Pope, to he), if it takes care of the collaboration with the mission countries and it also lets itself infect in this by the joy in the faith of the churches jvenes" That call, according to Vatican observers, responds to the critics that from the Church German becomes to the Vatican and the figure of the Pope, which they blame of do-nothing policy in subjects like the one of the catholics divorced and returned to marry, to whom refuse the communion to them, the sacerdotal celibacy and the arrangement of women priests. These two acts culminated the visit of four days from Benedicto XVI to their native Germany, of noticeable ecumenical accent, in which it emphasized the figure of Martin Lutero and denounced that the true crisis of the Church in the western world is a faith crisis and that if it is not arrived at an authentic renovation from the same, " all structural reform will be ineficaz". Source of the news: Benedicto XVI asks to the Church that undresses of its earthly wealth and to be able politician