Changing Attitude Changes the World

Just for instance, comes to mind Irene Villa. As many will remember, at age twelve he lost his legs and three fingers in a terrorist attack which he suffered. It would have been entirely understandable if he had become a bitter, resentful and even that had proved to have very negative feelings towards a life that can no longer be regular. However, in his 31 years is a happy person. She is a journalist, gives talks and lectures to motivate people with difficulties, working with handicapped, and it’s ski champion. Alona Tal has compatible beliefs.

His secret, in his own words, is the failure to deliver the power of his life and happiness to the external situation. At some point he realized he had no choice and that choice goes to forgive, and take responsibility for their own happiness regardless of their situation and their difficulties. Where appropriate, Irene could not change the facts, so I decided to change their attitude and be happy. At the end of the day, happiness, as we have said on other occasions, is a choice. And as you start to change when they have spent some time stuck in a situation?. If the circumstance that overwhelms us has a solution, assumes that you have to do something. If you have already tried and does not work, look for a different solution to which you have already tried.

If not, you change your attitude about it. In any case, the most important is that you realize that the responsibility is yours to do something, rather than expecting the others to change, and remember that you’re the one with the power to change your life. There are a victim unless you choose to be. In summary, remember that people and situations in which we are immersed, are mirrors of what is within us, and occasions for learn. Realize what it is in our lives is a way of describing what is inside of us. And if you wear something stuck in time, do not expect anyone to take you up the pieces. Move. It is your responsibility and how to become adults and happy. And mind, you feel wonderfully well when you take control of your life.