Digital Journalism

In this article will comment you the example of a young woman that achievement get their own home. She is Kelly Johana Diaz is 24 years old and lives in Bogota, Colombia. She is a mother, head of home and enterprising. Juan Jose Posada Uribe, Social Communicator specializing in Digital Journalism, public on Wednesday 16 March 2011 in his blog an interview with Kelly Johana. she exposes and says that based on constancy and saving achieving its objective.

Mentions that he feels weird having your own home after years as tenant, i.e. paying rent for his house. He followed the example of his mother about the craft of making and now has dedicated to this rowing. The video shows testimony from several women who work for her and express his admiration his achievement age get their house. He got his own house through the National Fund for saving their country.

In a mode called: voluntary savings. This program promotes the culture of the savings of the population not unbanked, becoming a financial that opens up opportunities for access to housing in Colombia. Loans granted are directed towards those people who have met the main condition of the program: Save on a regular basis; weekly, biweekly or monthly for 12 months, in addition to fulfilling other requirements. Applies to the purchase of used home (70% of the value), new (80% of the value), construction on own lot or pair improvements in existing buildings. The payment period shall be between 5 and 30 years, the monthly payments will depend on the economic and financial situation of the person concerned. These monthly payments are fixed. Like all program has particularities and certainly opinions and positive and negative experiences. Please note that depending on your age and your personal finances is very important, in the case of Kelly Johana could commit to a long-term financing because of their age. Each case must be studied. It seems very successful they spread this story. It is necessary to know these examples and confirm that the savings, investment and constancy will always be good habits and better even when comes to achieve home ownership. I invite you to look for similar programs in your country and that you get all the information of your interest. It analyzes if serves you, if you can apply, visit makers and talk with them. You think that you can take a good surprise and with the money that you now spend on rent or on other things you can start a savings and investment plan and match financings similar to who has worked at Kelly Johana. What do you think? Until the next. Jose Luis, your architect online.