Low Noise Learn Training Seminar

Immissions prognoses after TA noise a seminar at the House of technology e.V. on June 6, 2014 in Berlin. Approval procedure for technical equipment an Immissions prognosis is essential to the assessment of the application because the still not constructed or plants are in operation. Learn more at: BSA. Only with the help of forecasting can then estimate, whether specific technical or organisational measures on the system will lead to a compliance with the guidelines and what measures as conditions in the permit in question. Comparative calculations with different packages permit the procedure also optimisation.

Also, the measurement and assessment of noise belongs to the system monitoring. PCRM shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The measurement when the complainant is not possible, the assessment level from a measurement on a site with a calculation of sound propagation must be determined. “The seminar of emission forecasts after TA noise” in the Haus der Technik Berlin noise is to introduce in the basis of calculation of sound propagation and the forecasting models TA and dealing with simple Discuss forecasts and commercially available program systems. This will be the quality and reliability of the forecast results in the foreground of looking. Sound technical expertise should be in main steps to follow and to check for plausibility, including simple approximate estimates of sound levels are used. Employees of permitting and regulatory bodies, expert, experts, environmental officer, senior executives in commercial companies, responsible and representative for environmental protection, responsible for planning and approval procedures are invited. For details and registration see: W-H110-06-105-4 is the Haus der Technik (HDT) the oldest technical training Institute of in Germany outside the Rheinisch Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH) and partners of the universities of Bonn, Braunschweig, Duisburg-Essen, Munster and the Bremerhaven University of applied sciences.

It maintains close contacts with companies and Research facilities. The HDT has the legal form of a non-profit, registered association with approx. 1000 company and person members. founded in 1927 in Essen, the Haus der Technik is today one of the leading German provider of seminars, courses, meetings and conferences for specialists and managers. About 16,000 participants annually use the facilities in Essen and at the branch offices in Berlin, Munich and Bremerhaven as well as at numerous other venues in the country and abroad. The Essen headquarters is a modern Congress Centre regularly also used by nationwide companies and associations. More than 50 seminars and meeting rooms for up to 600 people with State of the art conference and audio-visual equipment, as well as a full-service are available.