Marketing In Action

Marketing in action: the world is a dangerous place. Not because of those who do evil, but by those who do nothing to prevent it. Albert Einstein every time this globe economic scenarios are characterized by their competitiveness and where companies use an aggressive markets feature them guaranteeing conquest and permanence in these. What is relevant is socially much is dynamic in the social sphere, in the deterioration of the environment, what are governments doing to ensure their destruction, pollution, the health of consumers, cities not us amaze is indicated, that globalization has meant, among other things, an unstoppable growth of world trade. But it is obvious that this growth has to be first and foremost sustainable, it has to allow an economic and social development while respecting the environment.

Perhaps not enough to stop environmental deterioration but there is need to reverse this process. Environmental quality involves the compatibility between economic development and protection of the environment. This sustainable development involves the application of new technologies, rational use of energy and raw materials, streamline processes, logistics and distribution, etc. But it also implies that companies exporting, and hence export managers, include the environmental component in their internationalization strategies and marketing plans. Definitely, has written, the issue of sustainable development is much broader than what means that there is concern of the manufacturer during the production process by the consumption of energy and water, and the generation of toxic waste. It is necessary that companies, concerned about sustainable development, develop products that do minimal damage to the environment throughout its life cycle. I.e. the sum of the impacts generated during the extraction phase of the raw material, production, distribution, consumption and disposal, make minimum amount, giving all the facilities for the recycling of the waste and packaging the Chair of marketing from the graduate program of the speciality of management of the quality and productivity of Faces, of the universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, view with concern, the as many national companies are not responsible, have not taken seriously what sustainable development represents and the social cost involved when it has not measuredanalyzed what it means to preserve the environment where it operates, everything indicates that a crystallization of the scope, implications requiring to be conservative environment there is.