The pollution is for my studies, what it leads to low the humidity of air. The pollution leads to the heating and the heating leads to lower the humidity of air. On account of the humidity to be water, the more hot the temperature of the day, the humidity evaporates diminishing its level in air. Center for Responsible Business is open to suggestions. We can see this making a comparison enters a place close to the water, where it does not have pollution and it has trees and plants spread for all the sides and a place all poluido, burnt and deforested. nvolved in the matter. Air certainly is not the same e, has certain difficulty to breathe in the poluido place, therefore there, the humidity is low. With the pollution and the low level of humidity, the risks of damages the health is bigger, increasing the attendance in health ranks and hospitals. Damages the health caused by low the humidity: Irritation, migraines in the eyes, nose, throat or in the skin; dry throat, voice rouca; disruption of vesos of the nose, provoking bleed and greater easiness to contract viral, alrgica conjuntivite and syndrome of the dry eye, and others. But however, it has some ways of prevention for this problem and there some tips go: to *Fazer selective collections; *No to poluir rivers; *No to make burnt in strips of land; *No to play in any place material as batteries, stacks, and others..