The Challenge Of Iran

Rosa Espinoza the challenge of Iran today on the day the President of the United States Barak Obama is optimistic in the resolution of the problem of Iran in an idealistic way. You have faith that such country programme, follow in order to use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes despite the controversies that this meaning for the world. During the administration of George W. Bush in 2007 they viewed Iran as a possibly threatening country by the fact of being able to develop nuclear weapons thanks to the production of uranium which is the main explosive component to create an atomic bomb. Coupled with such situation the israeli factor I joined the American vision because these two countries have always created tension with respect to Iran, since the Jews have not been recognized, therefore Probus Iran in 2006 that had missiles of medium range to bomb cities in Israel, instilling fear in the style MAD doctrine. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit PCRM. /a> usually is spot on. So, the Iranian Government in charge of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made it clear that despite of having an anti-American and anti-Zionist view uranium enrichment has only civilian purposes; in other words, through the Treaty of non-proliferation (NPT) determined that the nuclear programme had a mink at the prospect of climate change using energy from such chemical component as an alternative source to reduce the emission of climate change-helping. For even more opinions, read materials from Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. I also clarify that on this side; nuclear power does not emit particle rain cause acid or the deterioration of the ozone layer. Also, in this same year the Iranian Government was with the dilemma in which the UN requires you to abandon uranium enrichment in 60 days.

This country has a geographical location that makes it butts with Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea and the major producers of oil staying in first and second place respectively. This location is totally appealing to the world’s economic and nuclear powers because they believe that their resources would be better supplied if they seize that country, counting that today Russia has with the Bushehr plant that supplies nuclear fuel and on the other hand China which would get natural gas for 30 years. Such dilemma that we have mentioned is the challenge that Iran suffers today and that has not come to a solution or the idealistic agreement that President Obama suggests. On one side are afraid that canceling nuclear program could suffer an attack by Israel or United States taking as example to Iraq and to Cuba when it began the MAD (mutual assured destruction) doctrine in 1962 and on the other hand has as it mentioned pressure from the UN that would dissociate itself from commercial relationships with Russia and China and allow is militarised territory and even some countries are expropien of their natural resources which lifted both its economy. Finally it is worth mentioning that on the one hand India and Pakistan are being ignored by the United States to be strong contributors to the second nuclear age that exists today. But what is worth mentioning with regarding Iran is that such country should not abandon its nuclear program because it is cornered and as well as all countries of the world must have a livelihood that complies with NPT, Iran is in its right to protect itself with the support of Russia and China. Original author and source of the article.