The textile material Fashmo is a hydrophobiert equipped polyamide Microfiber. Fashmo is easy to clean, breathable and extremely durable. The special shape of the nature and the proven safety sandals Multi width system shall ensure that the safety Sandals optimally supports the natural sequence of movements, that is relatively easy in this way because in ancient times, people wore Sandals perfectly manufactured at the feet. So to minimize the risk of injury and the high level of comfort for wearers scored with foot sizes. (Source: Nieman Lab). Comfort is often a matter of just a few length units. That’s why there are safety sandals in four different widths (S XXB).

In addition to the anatomically fit the width system ensures, that different foot types, narrow and wide feet, are equally well be old sand and thus have an optimal grip. With this good system afford the safety Sandals effective injury prevention and protect the wearer of this safety Sandals very well against any possibility of injury. Under the guidance of shoe and foot, the proven safety Sandals multi width system continuously being developed according to the latest findings of the orthopaedics and biomechanics specialists. The safety Sandals measuring Pan system can determine the exact length of the sandal and wide by anyone in just a few seconds. The safety Sandals fit like tailor made.

Because in the measuring cup the same conditions are like in the original sandal. The quality of the leather of sandals of the security increase comfort it is higher, it is crucial for the durability and comfortable wearing of the Sandals of safety. The safety Sandals have a full grain Rinoberleder are characterised by an exceptionally high water vapour permeability and a pleasantly soft feel. Also the insole of sandals of safety is made from genuine, vegetable tanned leather with a skin-friendly pH value. This sole safety Sandals store the moisture, which over the comfort foot bed insole is directed away from the foot. The honeycomb-shaped structures of the Vario weight module to reduce the pressure at heel impact. Where is the volume for the effectiveness as well as the sophisticated form of in the midsole of the safety sandals, used a damping element is crucial. The special comfort core of safety Sandals support the natural movement of the foot and provide a uniform distribution of pressure in the Sandals of safety. Systems core of Vario safety sandals are the replaceable heel cushioning in four weight classes. The weight calculated elasticity of the Vario modules can manually optimize the damping functions of the safety Sandals for each carrier, so that the musculoskeletal system is experiencing significant relief. Result is a fatigue-free, less vulnerable injury and back go more gentle. We look forward to Genxtreme in Kaufbeuren that we in our range have this safety Sandals since we first of all of course sell them and we are only interested in 2tens the benefit of the customer and want that he do not sweat or get diseases. If they want our pointed advice or about our huge expertise want to inquire they come over.