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Electoral Victory

EFE spilled tears of emotion by ensuring that he was proud of the work done and the future that awaits young people who have collaborated. I’m proud of you, proud of you, Obama says in the video, with the breathy voice and before being interrupted by applause. The U.S. President, Barack Obama, was moved during a brief speech in which congratulated, the day after the election victory, the staff of the headquarters of their campaign in Chicago for work done during the war, as shown in a video posted Thursday on the internet. Many writers such as Center For Responsible Lending offer more in-depth analysis. In the speech, uploaded to the network by the campaign of the President, the President spilled tears of emotion by ensuring that he was proud of the work done from minute 3: 30 and the future that awaits young people who have collaborated on every day to his victory for re-election. I’m proud of you, proud of you, Obama says in the video, engraving on Wednesday, with the voice choppy and before being interrupted by applause from his campaign staff.

Even before the results of last night, I had the feeling that the work that I’ve done introducing me to the Presidency has completed a cycle, because the work that you have done gives meaning and importance to my work, ensures the President pulling and accompanied closely by David Axelrod and Jim Messina of President campaign strategists.What you have done will go into the annals of history, people will read about it, but the most important thing you must know is that your single journey has just begun, Obama continues with its inspiring message for people who have worked for his re-election from the offices of Chicago, many of them volunteers. Obama said that team spirit has been their source of hope, strength and inspiration. In four years, when people I wondered about how has been able to deal with frustration, with Washington, simply feed in you, in what you going to do, indicates. See more: A video shows an excited Obama to congratulate his team after the electoral victory


"Goodbye, cyberspace! Hello, blogiverse! Blogosphere? Blogmos? "Then – September 10, 1999 – the joke, said Brad Graham (Brad L. Graham), was the starting point – the beginning of a new era of the Internet – Internet2blog version (as we call it so ). Blogosphere (from the English. Blogosphere) – a collection of all blogs, scattered megasoobschestvo reflecting interest, attitudes and trends of society. The blogosphere is heterogeneous, but carries in itself maintain the integrity and relevance are clearly reacting to events in the life of the world community. Blogosphere.

Statistics Statistics search engine Technorati now in the world, there are about 76 million blogs (blog). In the Russian blogosphere blogs about 2 million. I will cite a few interesting iconic figures and facts about the blogosphere Runet. Every hour there is average about 260 new Russian Tea blog. Approximately 40-45% of this blogs LiveInternet.ru. LiveInternet daily audience of about 170 thousand people, and LiveJournal comes to 600,000. The average Russian-speaking blogger (blogger) – a Muscovite in 1921, a student in University. Nieman Foundation has much to offer in this field. 64% of Russian-speaking bloggers – women, 36% – men. The average age of the author's diary varies markedly depending on blogoservisa: the average user Livejournal.com – 26 years, and bloggers with LiveInternet and Diary.ru – 19 and 20 years respectively.


As the saying goes, virtuality is a slice of reality. How can you disagree? We are rapidly mastering the internet-space. We begin with the registration of its first e-mail box. Then we have wandered aimlessly through the expanses of the Internet and read by vzapoy different information. Further, very often we get into the chat rooms or forums. Here begins our first online communication, here we get the first lessons virtual life.

Well, after that, more. Recently, a great popularity in the Internet environment have begun to use blogs. Oh, this blogosphere. Do you remember how to create your first blog? Or you do not have a blog? Different Free blogoservisov that allow the blog to find yourself a lot. What to choose? For example, you can start with the blogs on Ya.ru or find yourself a blog on Li.ru, well, or start with the popular LiveJournal. The possibilities are just a mass.

But what write in my blog? And what's this all about? Treat the blog as a diary I can not because you write a diary for myself yet, and the blog is behaving in order to read it more. Blogging is an opportunity to express their thoughts, their life position to be heard and hear others. First, begin to comment on your posts, you comment on that, and then begins to resemble a communion fellowship of old and familiar friends. ICQ Starts exchange, mail-agents, Skype. So there are your first friends on the Internet. The blogosphere is addictive. There is a kind of excitement, I want to try other blogoservisy, get to know other people. You begin to create and learn at the same time. That study, the Internet, I think the greatest teacher. You can find answers almost on all the issues, gain new skills, gain real friends. Virtuality becomes an integral part of our lives. Good or OK? This question is nobody will give you an exact answer, an answer one chooses for himself …

Enterprise Internet

creation of sites with each year of the Internet as a worldwide global network, becoming wider and wider, increasing the number of users increases, the amount of information posted on the web. First, the Internet was a network for communication scholars from universities of different countries, then, with the global proliferation of personal computers, it has become a tool for communication and exchange of information for millions of ordinary townsfolk, but now the Internet active entrepreneurs trying to build your business. In the current situation every self-respecting company is committed to create at least a page on the Internet, the so-called online business card. In this case, by publishing this "Masterpiece" for free or paid hosting, forget about it for years, despite the fact that the design phase in portions of the site got addresses and phone companies, and possibly even a price list. And that final you receive as a result? Find specific and relevant information (what actually is intended to Internet), it gets outdated price lists non-existent or had moved the company, which has long since forgotten about the existence own site. The truth is not all that bad.

Through the efforts of the developers of search engines such sites are filtered and fall into the lower rows in search results, but they also are not omnipotent, and there is such a thing as "Information noise" – a lot of useless information, in fact, among which the end user to have to find that grain of truth that it requires. The situation takes on an entirely different tone, if the company plans to offer not just a site-representation, but actually selling the site. Never mind that it will sell – some goods or services, as long as he brought the company new customers and new orders. And here "Information noise" is absolutely not relevant, if only because the site is invested real money and sometimes quite substantial. Many companies involved in creating and promoting web-projects will ensure the increase Enterprise resource, and some actually do it. But tell me, what site sells accessories for the car, the visitor who was looking for a bike rack? Companies who choose to place the site on the Internet it must be remembered that the site – it is not just a picture that can hang on the wall. A good web design can be compared to a car, it is regularly necessary to "fill" new information "to change the oil, filters and brake pads.

" Otherwise, the site and "rots" on the side, regardless of how much money it will vlozheno.Tak how is should look like the site so as not to make the company the information collection? The first site should be of interest to the end user, and of course it must be profitable to the owner. For the user on the site must be located an interesting, useful and relevant to current information. For owner of the resource requires that the site came to new customers or make purchases online. Hence the conclusion – you need to do a site to satisfy the user and bring benefit to the owner. This can be achieved through creative website design and deployment of effective and interesting content. In conjunction with the marketing of the target audience, literate advance for your desired keywords and constant updating, such resource subsequently will untwist itself, bringing the owner of all the big profits. Let's not turn the Internet into a giant cesspool comprehensive information! Advertising agency 'ABC-Media'

Red Alert

The plot of Red Alert 3 is as follows: Russian went into the past using a time machine and killed all of the famous scientist Einstein. Do not know what they hoped, but the whole story changed. In the new world formed three super powers: the Russian, British and Japanese. And then comes, all very familiar – the strategy of Red Alert. The third part is replete viderolikov, filmed live without the game engine. Moreover, they are removed quite familiar to all actors. Therefore, I advise to play the full version game, without any 'clipping'. The passage is almost always you are playing for a couple with a computer-ally kotorgo lekgo can be replaced by a real friend and together go through all of the company.

Computer ally does not differ a great mind, and assistance to expect from him is not necessary. The new time, as developers think, the female half as well succeeded in the military, as well as men. Almost all of your buddies are just like that. At the end of the third company, they even will argue about who among them will go with you on a date). I think the meaning of all this are explained do not. Wanted to attract an audience of age or older. Generally when you see this, you think that the games just simply show business.

Purpose kotorgo earn more money to get the maximum profit. On the game itself is already thinking in the least. Three companies of Russian, British and Japanese, is passed very simply and quickly. The old game engine, and design is not the best. For true fans of strategy rts game Red Alert 3 will not bring any pleasure from the process would be boring and not interesting.

10 Funny Facts About Google

“Google – this is no ordinary company. But we never wanted to become one. “So begins” letter from the founders’ written personally by Sergey Brin and Larry Page when applying for a joint-stock company in 2004. Despite the commercial (and progressive) the company’s success since that time, Brin and Page did not retreat from these words. Google – this is a very unusual company, which plays a very important role in our online lives. Google – a source of admiration for Many people, including ourselves, but what is it about the vast “oguglivanii” anything and everything? What is behind bestrastnymi data and figures about the company, which is old – nothing at all? Below, we give you the 10 most “Hot” facts about Google that can “extinguish” the fire of your curiosity. And as tempting distract you from the frailty of everyday life. Google’s famous paintings on the home page, known worldwide as “doodles” (Those that change the logo), which, incidentally, all so like, are made each time to celebrate some event or anniversary. But did you know that the very first “doodle” on Google was actually made for other goal: namely, to leave the master image on their page, the office, they say, “I am temporarily absent”? Google’s first Google Doodle (doodle) In 1998, Brin and Page went to Nevada for a weekend at the festival “Burning Man”. A doodle from burning man (picture above) was painted by the folks at Google and added to the homepage for all users who have left the office for some time to hang it, informing all visitors that, well, they do not, or reporting that they have in the office of a technical problem, which can never be solved.