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International Journal

Since the birth, the man does not only eat to survive. The regulation of this basic biological act is an multifactorial and complex process. Therefore the act to eat can become a martyrdom with guilt each garfada e, many times, it does not allow that the food is digested and absorbed. Adolescents who demonstrate this guilt frequently are dealt with indifference, having had its problems overwhelmd as banal for familiar and friends. Here, Center For Responsible Lending expresses very clear opinions on the subject. These adolescents, in general, girls finish for if isolating inside of its parallel world, where pain and the guilt reign sovereign. The nervous anorexy is a riot of the alimentary behavior. Etimologicamente rexis, in the Greek means desire; , it means negation, then, negation of the desire. According to international periodical of Psychoanalysis (LAWREW, M.

1998. To die of love: internal anorexy and its objects in International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 32, London: Hogarth Press, the 2001) upheaval of the nervous anorexy, of 20% of the victims attacks alone one tero arrives if to recoup total. In England, 1:100 adolescent is anorxica, being 97.4% women and 10% need hospital internment, of these, few survive, excessively, finish dying for starvation or organic complications the alimentary upheavals are more common of what we can assume, since the majority of the girls suffers been silent and puts for is its yearnings and neuroses together with the food that vomit. They are characterized for presenting serious alterations in the alimentary behavior, the most known are Anorexia and Bulimia, respectively, Ana and Mia codenome adopted by ‘ ‘ movement pro Ana/Mia’ ‘ adolescent attacks of such upheavals that adhere the magreza as life style, unhappyly. In accordance with this conception, the cultural pressure to emagrecer is considered a basic element of the etiology of these upheavals, which, together with biological, psychological and familiar factors finish generating an extreme concern with the body, an abnormal fear to fatten and an anxiety marcantemente folloied of alterations of the image corporal, that it ahead causes an absence of concern of a emagrecimento. A refusal in feeding itself intentional induced and kept for the anorxico with vast limitation in the food ingestion, even so does not have a true and total appetite loss, but yes, aglutinao to a guilt feeling or depreciation for if having eaten and not being able themselves to eat.

Practical of vomits provoked? binge episodes of uncontrolled ingestion, in a short space of time, without if it has hunger, that they occur in such a way in the anorexy as in the bulimia – the laxative use, inhibiting medicines of appetite and diurticos an enormous sensation of anguish and depressive symptoms in different levels and an affective emptiness that nourishes the relations of the anorxico. Such restriction unchaining one changeable level of malnutrition folloies secondary endcrinas and metabolic modifications and of disturbances of the physiological functions. When little it is eaten we have a psiquismo that little it elaborates. A body that displays the accident, that denounces pain, that communicates the mystery and the queerness to its redor. Franzino body, thin hair, the dry skin, a violence of the auto-attack. It is good for standing out that the patients with anorexy have the normal appetite, that is, feel the same hunger that any person. The problem is that although the hunger if refuses to eat. In the treatment the psychiatric accompaniment and the psycotherapy must be atrelados for bigger resolutividade of the case.


It is the relationship between humans and especially between men and women break up blood, fill the lungs with oxygen, cloud the brain. Looks, touch, hint. Flirt. We are constantly engaged in this process, even when it’s all fed up and want to close from around the world. And we always know the exact object to which our conscious and directed unconscious tools and techniques. As a rule, all our actions are predictable and simple, and therein lies the charm of seduction.

Both sides know what it was about what would follow later, and it will all end, but carefully closed on all of this and allow yourself to relax and enjoy deceived. Relations 50/50 – it’s an easy form of communication, when no one is obliged to nobody. Everyone kept at a distance. The man seemed to be close and it seems to be no simultaneously. Relations are replaced by simple proximity, often in haste and without mutual claims. Very soon it becomes a habit, and then completely replace us.

Very soon, then what makes us alive and sentient, forcing us to commit acts crazy and indulge in adventurous adventure, no longer interested at all. Flirting, seduction, seduction, relationships do not inspire us. Life itself loses brightness and contrast. And all this just because in everything and everywhere, these favored 50-50. Nothing serious, and anything concrete. I would not answer, and you, in general, about anything do not ask. It’s easier and calmer. But only does it have happier? Does it lead us to the great love that can turn the whole world upside down? Why all these half-measures, polusvyazi, poludeystviya, poluotnosheniya? And what if we take, and once in a lifetime to go to a hundred or even two hundred per cent in everything. In every look and every breath. In every word and every desire. In every action. Perhaps then, put on the full, surrendering to his feelings, sensations, emotions, will find happiness that can support you all life and to keep love real and true … Perhaps, then life will again delight you such simple things as the loved one’s eyes in the morning after waking up. So maybe we should start to live deeply, inhaling and soaking up the sunshine every cell of your heart? Right now. Without delay and not devaluing the life of its own, and not wasting time on meaningless empty words and false smiles. Who have experienced it once, he understands the meaning of go to the full.

Portuguese Language

According to SABANAI, (here. 2002), in 1856 was established 1 school for deaf people in Brazil, the Imperial Institute of the deaf people and dumbs (today National Institute of Education of Deaf people – INES), by a deaf professor come of France, Ernest Huet, where was assisted by the Emperor and a Commission Overseer created for it and commanded by Marquis d? Abrantes. As the author, already in 1986, the Language of Signals was defended by professionals in Brazil. In century XX, he had a great significance in the creation of schools for deaf people in everybody. Also in Brazil some justinian codes had appeared: Institute Terezinha Saint for deaf girls (SP), the School Concord (Porto Alegre? RS), the School of Deaf people of Victory, the Center of hearing and Language Ludovico Pavoni? CEAL/LP? in Brasilia-DF. These significant successions of changes had promoted for intermediary of Law N 10,436, of 24 of April of 2002, that it identifies the Brazilian Language of Signals as a used language for the Brazilian Deaf Community.

later in Brasilia, in day 22 of December of 2005 was signed the Decree of the Law of POUNDS N 5,626 of 22/12/2005 for President Mr. Luis Incio Lula da Silva and the Minister of the Education Mr. Fernando Haddad. That it determines in its chapter III, article 4 that ‘ ‘ The formation of professors for the education of Pounds in the final series of basic education, in average education and the superior education must be carried through in superior level, in course of graduation of full licenciatura in Letters: Pounds or in Letters: Pounds/Portuguese Language as second lngua’ ‘. (BRAZIL, 2005). As for the Portuguese language, according to FERNANDES (1990), the great majority of the deaf people, already escolarizadas, in such a way continues demonstrating difficulties in the levels fonolgico and morfossinttico, as in the semantic and pragmatic levels.

Notre Dame

Deformed children were plays in the sewers of old Rome. In the Average age, deficient they find shelter in the churches, as the QUASMODO of the book corcunda of Notre Dame, of Victor Hugo, who lived isolated in tower of the cathedral of Paris. At the same time the deficient ones gain a function SILLY OF the CUT. Martinho Lutero defended that deficient mental they were devilish beings that deserved punishments to be purificados. OF CENTURY XVI TO THE XIX (RENAISSANCE AGE CONTEMPORARY)? People with physical and mental deficiencies continue isolated of the remaining portion of the society, but now in asylums, convents, shelters. Psychiatric hospital in the Europe appears 1, but all the institutions of this time do not pass of arrests, without specialized treatment nor educational programs. CENTURY XX (AGE CONTEMPORARY)? The carriers of deficiencies pass to be seen as citizens with rights and duties of participation in the society, but under a caritativa assistencial optics. The first line of direction politics of this new vision appears in 1948 with the universal declaration of the human rights.

‘ ‘ All human being has right to educao’ ‘. YEARS 60: Parents and relatives of deficient people organize themselves, appear the first ones critical a segregation. Theoreticians defend the normalization, that is the adequacy of the deficient one to the society to allow its integration. The special education in Brazil appears for the first time in LDB 4024, of 1961. The law points that the education of the bonanza ones must, in what will be possible, be enquadar in the general system of education. YEARS 70: The United States advance in the research and theories of inclusion to provide better conditions of life the mutilated ones of the war of the Vietnam.

Michele Obama

A composer called Doctor Alceu Saliba, said in his composition Modern Woman: ‘ ‘ I cannot deny my feelings, modern woman does not want to become involved itself, hugs and kisses, madness’s, desires.” Mine gentlemen I strong shout in this text: where we are going? In a field of prostitution without return, women come back toward the romantismo, where vocs was goddesses, sight with perfection, the masculine inspiration for any objective, comes back comes back comes back comes back comes back toward the place of where they must not have left. I say with all certainty the man can be great, but alone it goes until a certain limit, the woman is its inspiration to make it to arrive where it to want, in the top. I will mainly give examples of some men of success who had arrived where are not alone for its abilities, but for the support of its women, that always serve of safe port, local of aconchego that it feels the peace and the courage to follow in front. Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, its woman: Marisa, not necessary to say the last name, leads clearly of the husband, but we know who is, therefore it is a giant behind a man, of a man who controlled a nation, but it directed who it was. Michele Obama, that one that is for backwards of the man most powerful of the planet, that controls a nation poderosssima, but who manages the feelings of this man? She is this admirable woman, not it I know, I say admirable therefore is worthy of this thought alone for the fact of who is to the side of it. The woman wants to equal the man. The worthy women, beings, beautiful, genetically and psychologically developed well, more than men, for whom they doubt, I ask, as it can not be. these creatures possess the control of its emotional one to the end of a relationship. Meanwhile, the men do not obtain to take care of of husbands, children, house and still work outside. The men they do not make two of these things without which they felt lost.