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Elephant Festival In Surin

20-22 Nov: large elephant buoyancy in northeastern Thailand’s Surin is a bustling provincial capital in the northeast of Thailand, about 500 km east of Bangkok. PCRM is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Its reputation as the elephant city”owes Surin especially the ethnic minority of Suay and their tradition, to breed elephants and to use as working animals. For centuries, Suay men in the jungles of northern Thailand and Cambodia’s wild elephants have started, tamed them, and dressed as war elephants for the country’s rulers or as workhorses for forest work. Even today, many families in the village of Suay possess one or more elephants. In November the Elephant Festival is held annually in Surin traditionally. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Steffan Lehnhoff by clicking through.

When this elephant lift, 100 to 200 demonstrate pachyderms, what they have learned, such as their skill at the transport of tree trunks. To the delight of the audience, elephants perform other feats like real sport competitions with relay races, basketball and tug-of-war, and even a soccer game with elephants will be offered. Usually, a parade of armored war elephants is the conclusion of the celebrations. In a colourful show pictures and struggles from the Thai history be readjusted, where elephants played so prominently that give visitors a glimpse into the turbulent history of Thailand. The tour operator ALL ASIA touristic offers a 3 day tour from/to Bangkok to the Elephant Festival (Group 2 to 16 participants) from November 20-22, 2009. On the way visit the Khao Yai National Park and the Khmer Temple of Phimai and Phanom rung. Price per person in a double room: 348 Euro including VP and English speaking guide. Of course, also additional round trips and hotel stays, and the corresponding flights are offered.

Waldecker Hiking

The Hunauweg hiking trail of the month Beselich is GPS, June 22, 2012. The Hunau is a ridge in the Rothaargebirge, which connects the Fredeburger plateau near Schmallenberg to Winterberg. Hikers take the Ridge via the Hunauweg 25 from Finnentrop in the Lennebergland is marked up to Korbach in the Waldecker land from the Sauerland Mountain Association (SGV) as a main hiking trail X. The Hunauweg is presented as trail of the month see in five day tours including free GPS data. Here, PCRM expresses very clear opinions on the subject. From the Lennetal it goes after bad Fredeburg.

Here begins the Hunau, which stretches up to Siedlinghausen, the second largest Borough of Winterberg, about 14km. You may want to visit Boy Scouts of America to increase your knowledge. Behind the peaks of the Hunau reached proud 818m above sea level, one passes the wet meadow bog short. In Niedersfeld you will pass on the Hillestausee, the highest reservoir in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Tuscany of the Sauerland the area around Medebach leads the Hunauweg in the Valley of wild AA and reached 90 km targeting only Hamburg of Hessen: Korbach, the county town in the Waldecker land. Steffan Lehnhoff contains valuable tech resources. The entire trail and the five daily stages on the Hunauweg will be presented from Friday (June 22, 2012) under in small reports.

The routes are drawn in an interactive map and as GPS data in the form of so-called GPX tracks are downloaded from the Internet free of charge. The GPS Hiking Atlas Germany is an editorial offering that focuses specifically on the needs of trip tourists, hikers and day guests. Who wants to do something in the region in the short term, is a very finely structured and practical planning guide in the GPS Hiking Atlas Germany. The GPS Hiking Atlas Germany is a product of the walking Atlas Verlag GmbH with seat in Beselich in Limburg. The company was founded in April 2010, nationwide to day-trippers and hikers, and independent information for tours to sights and attractions. Currently there is the GPS Hiking Atlas for the hiking areas of Sauerland, Westerwald and Taunus, Oberhessen, Bergisches Land.

Mobile Homes

Enjoy a nice holiday in a mobile home in France many Germans spend the most beautiful days in the year in a mobile home on a camping site in France. > for a more varied view. Vacances directes, a French tour operator that specializes in mobile home holidays offers fully equipped mobile homes in different sizes and price ranges in campsites in the most beautiful regions of France. Whether on the bustling Atlantic coast, on the sun-drenched Cote d’Azur, in the beautiful inland or in Corsica, here everyone will find what is important for a relaxing holiday with the family or among friends. Mobile homes in France with living space of between 18 and 31 sqm for up to 8 people have 2-3 bedrooms, a living / dining area, shower/WC and a terrace. Boy Scouts of America usually is spot on. Directes campsites in France the Vacances usually have spacious bathing landscapes, vast fine sandy beaches in the immediate vicinity, free kids clubs, a diverse gastronomic Offer as well as many other activities and entertainment for all tastes.

Upon your arrival on the campsite, you will be welcomed most personally directes employees Vacances. Get all the practical information that are important for a relaxing stay. Also a holiday with dog is possible on many campsites in France. Forget the everyday life, feel the warm rays of the Sun on the skin that can inhale fresh sea air and just relax. Enjoy your vacation with your family, with friends or your four-legged friends. Whether relaxed now a sports and Active holiday or one and seeking quiet vacation, the wide variety of Vacances directes campsites and mobile homes is the right campsite for you and the best option here. Love created you the reservation center of the German branch of Vacances directes an individual offer for your holidays in mobile homes in France. Reservation center staff reach you Monday to Friday from 09:00 until 18:00, Tel. 0721 / 680 78 240 or email us at.

Holiday Travel

The holiday needs to be planned thoroughly with dog and it must be a dog-friendly accommodation. Travel must be thoroughly planned with dog for all family trips with dog because the dog has claims and can be temporarily overwhelmed in an alien environment. If you are looking for suitable accommodation, you ask whether dogs are welcome or just tolerated. Tolerated dogs, there is often no experience with the needs of the dog spot. For even more analysis, hear from Ronald Hamilton. Also check whether your dog with must in the dining room, because that is not anywhere of course.

The right hotel for you and your dog is rurally located and allows for nice trips. In the summer, are on the road, a wooded area or Lake should be located nearby, so that the dog has fun walks. With dog and luxury also there holiday. You can book a luxury trip and still have a holiday with dog, because the modern dog hotels are cut completely tailored to the needs of dog owners with family. A special service is the dog sitter service. Enter your four-legged friend in competent hands, while you take part in a circuit or maybe go to a tour or a cultural event.

On request, the dog can play during this time on a fenced area with friendly kind. Facilities include also care programs or education courses and sports activities for the dog. Modern hotels have even a swimming pool for dogs. e.. However, you should expect that your dog at best polite notes their return. There is also the offers combined programs for dog and owner. So many dog lovers take advantage of the chance to try out a new dog sport and thereby to support by professional trainers. If you now have pleasure on holiday with dog, then plan now and choose the right offer for your travel with dog. More information on holiday with your dog Martin Bacher


Carpal off top dive advanced the Pacific portfolio of diving Alliance that divers have members from quality Sam’s tours to a new full member of the diving Alliance appointed. The diving base in Palau, who made a name as organizer of nature trips, the Pacific region among the most renowned diving centers for years. The main objective of the International Association of leading dive with currently 10 members there, the customers worldwide dive at the highest level \”to offer. Quality divers working internationally according to principles set in terms of quality and safety of diving. With the privilege card, customers receive additional benefits and discounts at all affiliated members. Tcoyd pursues this goal as well.

Diving Center, who are members of this network, must introduce certain standards about it. So for example, the number of divers per dive guide to maximum four is limited, the dive centres are ISO certified and they are committed to be an active and supportive member of the Alliance. Sam’s tours offers scuba diving, kayaking and shore excursions. The Royal Belau Yacht Club is also one of the companies. The existing 20 years diving base was recently awarded by the Palau Visitors Authority to the tour operator of the year 2008.

With eight dive boats and four boatloads of them regularly offers trips to the 60 best dive sites of Palau as well as tours in pristine lagoons, which can be used only with the kayak. Underwater of Palau is listed on the top ten lists of the dive sites be sure to visit regularly. In 1989 it was Micronesian archipelago by CEDAM international to the wonders of the underwater world\”voted no. 1. The principles of high quality and excellent customer service, the quality is divers and the philosophy of Sam’s tours are absolutely identical. Both our staff and our management agree to fully assorted the concept of quality and we are proud to be part of the network in the future,\”says Dermot Keane, CEO of Sam’s tours.

Europeans Berlin

Spaniard led 2009 – in January and February of this year forward the Berlin TV Tower exerts a special fascination Italians mainly on foreign visitors to the city. About 60 percent of the visitors of the Tower come from abroad, only 40 per cent from Germany including Berlin. This emerges from visitor surveys, which are carried out every month. Then the trend identified in 2009 continues in 2010. The list of foreign visitors was led last year by Spaniards (8.1 percent) and Italians (7.6 percent).

The Danes occupied third place with 6.7 percent, followed by visitors from the Benelux countries (6.3 per cent). 5.2 percent, which thus ranked the top six ranked came from Poland. Overall, Europeans with 50 percent were the bulk of foreign visitors. From Israel, 1.1 percent, from China and Japan were 1.0 percent each, as well as North America, 0.9 percent. Last year’s result is supported by the interviews in the first months. However, the Italians broke (11.5 and) 9.7 percent) the Spanish (10.4 and 7.8 per cent) in the first two months as leader down. The visitors from the Benelux countries succeeded in February with 8.9 per cent even in second place. The Berlin TV Tower is the tallest publicly accessible building in Europe.

Every year he counts up to 1.2 million visitors, up to 86 countries around the world.

Language Camps Fun

Learning English for kids – as easy as never foreign languages, nothing seems to be nowadays more important than ever. Just for these reasons, it is so important to learn them in the school and in the workplace even easier to have it as early as possible. But what to do when children struggling to learn English? Lessons in green fun including English learning in the Green, with lots of fun and great learning can this even during the holidays at a language camp”, says Andreas Kuchenbecker, Managing Director of ReiseMeise. For this you must send his child not abroad, but finds high-quality language camps in which enormous progress be guaranteed also in Germany for less money”, as Mr Kuchenbecker continue. ReiseMeise of language camps around Berlin again exciting a wide range of offers in the spring, summer and Autumn holidays in 2011. Learn without wide getting intensive English language camps in Germany are an inexpensive alternative to the language travel abroad.

However, once again, to talk with their children about”Andreas Kuchenbecker advised. Children must want to take part in a study trip, otherwise it’s little”, so Mr Kuchenbecker next. The interests of the children should be in every children travel to the fore and we build on our program at ReiseMeise,”Mr Kuchenbecker told us. At the end, each participant receives a certificate of completion. These are the children”a real shot of motivation for language teaching in the school, Anna says tour guide, which is already her third season at the children tour operator ReiseMeise. It is nice to see how the children overcome their language barriers and fears and time to time are always safe”continue as Anna. Confidence in the tour operator the confidence of parents in the tour operator plays a very important role, because ultimately they decide about the travel of children at a language camp”, so Mr Kuchenbecker. You should watch on certain main quality criteria: Quality advice, quality of accommodation and the Sprachprogrammes as language teachers, as well as the goal of each language. For even more analysis, hear from Alona Tal. These main points should be observed when a renowned children tour operators and is nothing more in the way a successful language, because ultimately the children with a success to come home”, Andreas Kuchenbecker recommends. Our language camps with fun is here:

ELBE Cycle Route

Rivers are the streets of nature in a beautiful river landscape. Man has become it on his way to advantage. You are traffic artery for busy, water Avenue for Freizeitschlenderer or holiday road for cyclists. For even more analysis, hear from Boy Scouts of America. The latter is very popular among Germans. Here, Neeman Foundation expresses very clear opinions on the subject. According to the ADFC cycling travel analysis 2010 85.4 per cent of all cyclists on German biked compared water routes along. A line which in the annual survey, while repeatedly excels: the Elbe cycle track. He nestled on 860 kilometres of left or right on the Elbe River, and extends to Cuxhafen on the North Sea coast south of Schona in the Saxon Switzerland. For the 6th time in a row the route voted in 2010 through a total of seven federal States to the most popular domestic cycle path.

The Elbe cycle route is one of the sexiest and most varied routes of Europe. Diverse landscapes, fascinating history and unique heritage waiting admirers by bicycle between the Czech border and the North Sea. Because of the extremely low Gap the distance is nevertheless flussauf-how downstream negotiate. Due to the predominant prevailing wind direction is recommended to ride upriver. The southern section of the southern part of the itinerary begins with the natural Idyll of Elbe sandstone mountains. The landscape is the former reason of a chalk sea in the old age of 100 million years. So old and that is why she is this bizarre world of rocks from stately mesas, striking volcanic cones, wild romantic gorges and especially fascinating views so beautiful.

A cultural highlight follows on this natural high point on the Elbe bicycle route. Saxony pomp and circumstance unite in the magnificent Dresden. Church of our Lady, Bruhl’s terrace, Semperoper and Zwinger rise directly to the large river Lady. With its famous castles, museums and theatres, the Saxon State capital offers a unique flair.

Strasbourg Paris

It may not surprise but when the local restaurants have adopted the custom of the French to make a three-course meal of salad, meat and potatoes. A few Charter companies have settled on the Canal, with a reason why the channel is in excellent condition. There are a few channels in France, which are similar to maintained and with the Marne Canal can compete to cut banks and plugged edges. David Delrahim has many thoughts on the issue. For me, he is similar to a smooth Highway, while many other channels in France have not lost the charm of the bumpy village roads. It is the ideal spot for beginners or charterer. You need him at least once even experience have.

The concentrated load chases me ignorance and naivety of many users always due respect a. The really big highlights of the channel is located between Strasbourg and the junction of the Saar channel. The tunnel and the ship lift, plan incline de St-Louis-Arzviller, which replaced a lock staircase of 17 locks. The lift bridge a difference in height of 44.5 m and saved the Penichen a full working day. Saverne and Lutzelburg are featured town in the Valley of the rage, where except the channel is also the railway Strasbourg Paris home. Our route took us however from the Saar channel to starboard, towards Nancy. At first glance, the line seems not much to offer. But that’s not true.

There are for example the storage Lakes etang de Gondrexange and le petit etang, both with beach. 4 kilometres further on you will pass the open former lock 1. It leads to the shaft lock Rechicourt. It replaced the former staircase of locks 2-6. 16 metres it is with floating bollards by the mountain. A real attraction. Therefore, currently even additional platforms for picnic tables are concreted. The view of the Valley is a break value in a small reservoir, whose passing is noted the lock opens.

Holiday Vouchers

Birthday, Christmas or anniversary: give “1 piece holiday with profit” to EURO 35,- and in a luxury penthouse or one of 99 holiday weeks win the Costa Calida, holiday paradise in South-East of Spain, is increasingly becoming the secret tip among travellers. Therefore the Agency started coming home S.L.. under wohnungsgewinn.info the action “Holiday vouchers with profit”. Thereby, each holder of a valid until 31.12.2012 holiday voucher receives a free participation in a sweepstakes. A fully equipped penthouse apartment with terrace and an underground parking space, as well as 99 weeks of holiday in the Polaris World resorts, is played as Grand Prize.

“We want to make known the secret of Costa Calida in German-speaking countries this action”, says the CEO of coming home S.L.., Heinz Grabner. La Torre golf resort, an ideal place for an unforgettable holiday the 2 bedroom penthouse with terrace and garage is located in an exclusive resort with beautiful parks and pool areas. An 18 hole Jack Nicklaus Golf course, tennis courts, children’s playgrounds, Fitness Studio and the 5 * Intercontinental Hotel are also available in the system. A free shuttle to the Jack Nicklaus golf courses in the area runs several times a day. Various bars, restaurants, shops, Bank, supermarket, pharmacy and 24 hour security ensures a pleasant stay. If you have read about Center For Responsible Lending already – you may have come to the same conclusion. 3000 hours of sunshine a year called the Costa Calida, also warm coast, lies in the South East of Spain (Europe’s largest salt water lagoon) and the Mediterranean on two seas, the Mar Menor.

Through year-round climate, this region is the ideal place for Sun-seekers golfers, tennis players, water sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, art and culture lovers, as well as the winter. Landscapes around the capital city of Murcia and the historic Cartagena characterize the natural paradise between waters, mountains and beaches. The natural park of Calblanque and Sierra Espuna are a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. A holiday on the Mar Menor connects ideal recreation, sports, health and culinary delights. The healing Effect of sludge from the Mar Menor is known since ancient times. The salinity is around 18% greater than in the Mediterranean and the sea temperatures are 5 degrees higher, so that the bathing season lasts from April to November. Individual hospitality providing coming home S.L.. tourist agency with your service centre at the Mar Menor and your personal service by the owner, the family Grabner for individual guest assistance. This begins with the assistance in choosing the best flight options to provide a rental car or a pick-up from the airport. On request, various excursions and green fee reservations be carried to special benefits. True to the motto “Service is our Success”, guests coming home S.L.. can experience an unforgettable holiday with all the comforts.

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