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SCN Complexes

A subclass who must be cited is of the 2-cloroetil-metanossulfonatos. (2-cloroetil-sulfonil)? metil metanossulfonato (clomesona), although to present lesser activity cytotoxic that of the Bussulfan and the same types, one has revealed more selective in relation to the DNA, when compared with nitrossurias (Tong and Lundlum, 1980) .3.6. Antineoplsicos complexes of coordination of platinOs formed by composites of coordination with platinum, as the cisplatina (cis-DDP, commercially Platinil or Platinol) and the carboplatina (CBDCA, Paraplatin), alquilam the DNA (Najjar, 1992). The platinum complex suffers reaction from substitution of ligantes in the organism. For this, it must have in its structure a called group deserter, who must present moderate labilidade, being the chloride (CL) more widely used. Complexes with ligantes strong coordinate, as IN the 2 and SCN are inactive. An exception to this last generalization is the complexes contends ligantes double-toothed dicarboxilatos, that show activity and, due to its lesser reactivity, causes little collateral effect (Hahn and Weinberg, 2002).

Already complex with very lbeis ligantes, as the nitrate (IN the 3-), is very toxic and they do not show antitumoral activity. The ligantes that remain in the sphere of coordination of platinum, that is, those that they are not substituted in the organism must be relatively inert groups, as the amino ones. These double-toothed ligantes can be mono or. The double-toothed ones form preferential, with platinum, rings that are energetically favorable, as of five or six members. These ligantes follow the platinum atom until its target in the interior of the cell, and thus they shape the citotoxidez and the antitumoral effect of the complexes (Hahn and Weinberg, 2002). The carboplatina basically the same presents aspect of activity of the cisplatina, however with reduced collateral effect. Unhappyly, although better to be tolerated, the not active carboplatina in resistant cells to the cisplatina (Oliveira and Alves, 2002). Beyond the monometallic complexes, one another sufficiently promising platinum composite classroom is that one where the complexes present two on units of platinum for a diamina of changeable length of carbonic chain.

Vasily Grossman

We refer to an epic novel. Coral extraordinary story, with characters entering and leaving a frightening scene and a landscape. r Diabetes is currently assessing future choices. Characters that just to survive in those circumstances, give a good measure of their heroism. The Battle of Stalingrad in particular, and the Second World War in general, give rise to the narrative of the lives of people trapped in hell: on the one hand the German army and the Nazis and Stalin on the other hand, and communism. The extension of the novel and the large number of characters with Russian names, causing the need for extra effort of concentration in history not to be missed, but at no time is lost intensity or emotion. The defense of a ruined house in the middle of a completely torn Stalingrad, and the maintenance of a power plant destroyed by the bombardments, a birth in the basement of a bomb shelter in the midst of people injured and dying, the political career of a fanatic catapulted and ousted by the same circumstances: war, the renunciation of the most basic principles not to lose the position and status acquired, the soldier and his mother, and death among them swarming Everything, absolutely everything under the great eye ideology of communism, who sees everything and controls everything, which makes stifling existence, background adding the fury of the bombing and shortages of war. Needless to say, Grossman was one of the thousands of artists and thinkers who suffered relentless persecution of the communist regime, not satisfied with them silent, tried to erase all traces of their works. Miraculously, as indicated in the lapel of his own book, you can enjoy reading a work of this scope narrative. Life and Fate is another epic tale of heroism of the Russian people. Safe Creative # 0912035057747.


If the same set of products and finely chop the mix will be a different taste. Quite a different taste, if Products grate layers – potatoes, pickles, meat, onions, covering each layer with mayonnaise. Examples of variants of a dense salad Next comes creativity, you can add different vegetables such as green peas, or carrots (to choose from – a raw, tucked sour cream, cooked, braised in milk, fried with spices such as turmeric or curry or cooked in Korean), beets (boiled, pickled, raw, mayonnaise, baked with prunes and garlic), corn, cucumbers and tomatoes, greens (lettuce, dill, parsley, basil), olives, capers, cheese. Vegetables and herbs can add variety of different ways: one type or several at once. Filling Salad Filling may also be different: just mayonnaise, mayonnaise with sour cream, vegetable oil, beaten with a drop of vinegar and herbs, and oil and vinegar can also be different, as the set of dry grass. Zest for salads exotic, you can add fruit: pineapple, kiwi, apples, pears, peaches, bananas, oranges. Then, most importantly, feel, compatibility and the right amount, for example, proposed a basic set, cut into large, we can the last layer of potatoes, pineapple or kiwi fruit to decorate or fried banana.

An example of a dense salad with fish by the same algorithm can make salads with other sets. For example, the basic set-rice, fish (cooked, salted, smoked, marinated). Depending on the type of fish – as other products if the fish – boiled, then pickled cucumber, green onions, if smoked, salted or pickled, then – cucumber, onion primarinovanny slightly further to all kinds of fish – combine olives, tomatoes, corn, green peas, carrots (cooked, stewed in sour cream, or spices), herbs. For exotic – apples or pears or kiwi. Fill with garlic mayonnaise, or vegetable oil lemon juice and herbs. Algorithm 'lightweight' lettuce salads for light foundation will be different kinds of lettuce or cabbage and supplies of fresh vegetables, as other foods – green beans, corn, olives, capers, avocado and greens. As an exotic, kiwi, pineapple.

Filling can be prepared from alcoholic beverages (brandy, cognac, rum), mixed with cream, salt, pepper and herbs or vegetable oil, lemon juice (vinegar) and herbs. Sometimes there are added various additives, whipped with butter (boiled egg yolks, smoked fish, shrimp, crawfish, cheese, garlic, seeds and various herbs). Example of 'easy' A simple salad of lettuce light. Basic Kit – Chinese cabbage, green onions. In the course of the algorithm, you can make different versions, such as "green" version of green cucumber, olives, peas, dill, butter, fill with the lemon juice with basil, garnish with green grapes, capers, sprinkled with dried seaweed, or, for example, "colorful" version: a basic set add the tomatoes, radishes, yellow peppers, black olives, dill, butter, fill with lemon juice, beaten with boiled egg yolk, decorate purple basil. Do not forget that salad needs time, so they insisted. I hope that my algorithm will help you in creating their own, especially lettuce.

Catholic Church

In that line of clarity, the Pontiff, who in these years has criticized the secularismo that advances in the world added that, " in a certain sense, history has left in aid of the Church, since the different times from secularisation have contributed of essential way to their purification and its inner reform. " Secularisations, or of the expropriations of the goods of the Church or the cancellation of the privileges or similar things, they meant in each occasion time a deep liberation of the Church of the worldly thing: one undressed of its earth wealth and it returned to embrace totally its earthly poverty ". For the theological Pope, " released of its material or political weight " , the Church can be dedicated better and of truly Christian way to the entire world, " its call to the ministry of the God adoration and to the service of prjimo&quot can again live on freer way;. Also it assured that without worldly elements, the Church can realise better its social and charitable work, after assuring that the charity is not for Church one " activity of social attendance that can be left others, but is cannot be waived expression of its same esencia". According to the Pope, the Church must abrir itself to the world does not stop to obtain the adhesion of the men towards an institution that it looks for to be able, but to lead God to them. Sentence to the sexual abuses Benedicto XVI returned to denounce the cases of sexual abuses on the part of clergymen, who said have darkened to the Church he very described and them as facts " dolorosos". More of a thousand of sexual abuses against minors they have been denounced in Germany and according to one has verified in the last 30 years about 350 minors underwent abuses. According to data of the German church, the past year 181,000 people erased of the Catholic Church by this cause.

Before meeting with the catholic groups, Benedicto XVI celebrated a misa in an airport of Friburgo, where before about 100,000 faithfuls it assured that an agnostic is more near God than " routine faithfuls, those that only see in the Church boato, without its heart is hairdo by fe". The Pope Ratzinger assured that the Church in Germany will continue being a blessing for world-wide the catholic community, if she faithfully remains united to the successors of San Pedro (to the Pope, to he), if it takes care of the collaboration with the mission countries and it also lets itself infect in this by the joy in the faith of the churches jvenes" That call, according to Vatican observers, responds to the critics that from the Church German becomes to the Vatican and the figure of the Pope, which they blame of do-nothing policy in subjects like the one of the catholics divorced and returned to marry, to whom refuse the communion to them, the sacerdotal celibacy and the arrangement of women priests. These two acts culminated the visit of four days from Benedicto XVI to their native Germany, of noticeable ecumenical accent, in which it emphasized the figure of Martin Lutero and denounced that the true crisis of the Church in the western world is a faith crisis and that if it is not arrived at an authentic renovation from the same, " all structural reform will be ineficaz". Source of the news: Benedicto XVI asks to the Church that undresses of its earthly wealth and to be able politician