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Vasily Grossman

We refer to an epic novel. Coral extraordinary story, with characters entering and leaving a frightening scene and a landscape. r Diabetes is currently assessing future choices. Characters that just to survive in those circumstances, give a good measure of their heroism. The Battle of Stalingrad in particular, and the Second World War in general, give rise to the narrative of the lives of people trapped in hell: on the one hand the German army and the Nazis and Stalin on the other hand, and communism. The extension of the novel and the large number of characters with Russian names, causing the need for extra effort of concentration in history not to be missed, but at no time is lost intensity or emotion. The defense of a ruined house in the middle of a completely torn Stalingrad, and the maintenance of a power plant destroyed by the bombardments, a birth in the basement of a bomb shelter in the midst of people injured and dying, the political career of a fanatic catapulted and ousted by the same circumstances: war, the renunciation of the most basic principles not to lose the position and status acquired, the soldier and his mother, and death among them swarming Everything, absolutely everything under the great eye ideology of communism, who sees everything and controls everything, which makes stifling existence, background adding the fury of the bombing and shortages of war. Needless to say, Grossman was one of the thousands of artists and thinkers who suffered relentless persecution of the communist regime, not satisfied with them silent, tried to erase all traces of their works. Miraculously, as indicated in the lapel of his own book, you can enjoy reading a work of this scope narrative. Life and Fate is another epic tale of heroism of the Russian people. Safe Creative # 0912035057747.