Monthly Archive: July 2018

Juan Diaz

The first, in 1517, was given by Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba, who is known as the "discoverer of Yucatan." This first issue was pretty rough, for the inhabitants attacked the expedition three times in Ekab, Chakan Putumayo and the peninsula of Florida. Disappointed by the results, Velazquez organized in 1518 and sent Juan de Grijalva and captain of the second expedition, in which the priest Juan Diaz served as chaplain and wrote a chronicle of the trip itinerary. The expedition, which was intended to towns or garrisons, was not successful. Velasquez, irritated by the continuing failures, organized a third expedition in 1519, the conquest. The third issue a Velazquez appointed Cortes Monroy Pizarro Altamirano (full name of the conqueror) for this journey in which both the costs involved, however, soon had disagreements and Velasquez, who had virtually lost control of the issue, tried stop sending letters of complaint to the king of Spain, Charles I of Habsburg. But Cortes, more cunning, earned the favor of his subordinates and far from stopping the issue, went on to recruit volunteers to collect a total of 550 Spanish, 16 horses, 14 cannons, 32 crossbows, 13 guns and 200 auxiliaries (including Island natives and black slaves). a Meanwhile in Spain, King Charles I was signed on November 13, 1518, the document authorizing Velazquez to make the expedition. It seemed to be the end of Cortes, but the Governor of Cuba, which obviously could not know the opinion in his favor, lost time sent several letters, one addressed to itself very threatening Cortes, and the other to Juan Velazquez de Leon, Diego de Ordaz, and the mayor of Trinidad, Francisco Verdugo, asking them to entertain out of the issue or in any case, the arrest of the leader.

South Ossetia

The objectives of writers and soldiers, of course, different because of the specific profession, but a global goal – protecting the homeland. In one case – to the public border in the other – on the ideological front. The word "front" of the way, over a year ago, Russian writers have used in an absolutely literal sense. Echoes of Tskhinvali's not passed the September forum Russian writers. – This plenum approved our place in the common struggle for freedom and independence of South Ossetia – the chairman of the Writers' Union of Russia Valery Ganichev – for the mission, which Russia has carried out in the North Caucasus. In another war, whose title – "The Second World War", then this topic is close to every Russian writer's landing party is also not spared. First, it was stressed: Writers visit was timed for the coming 65th Anniversary of Victory over Nazi Germany. And, secondly, in the second phase of the writer's retreat plenum already indicated visit by Russian writers Poklonnaya mountains and small homeland of the legendary Marshal Zhukov – Strelkovka village.

The upcoming visit by the way, will be held under the motto "The historical truth about the war." – I do not see the historical truth in the books of Russian writers – says 62-year-old resident of Vladikavkaz Ramadan Butaev – Chief Joseph Vissarionovich creator wins all and sundry mud poured. One only Prokhanov Stalin paid tribute to the merits. Ramadan Butaev just returned from Beslan, where he participated in ceremonies on the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attack in the first school. There he laid a wreath is not only the place of death to the hostages, but the monument to Stalin. "If it had it not happened," – said Ramadan Bhutan and called for "open fire" on the "enemies of the leader peoples. " Military terminology at the background of the writer's assault hearing did not cut: for the printed word can pripechatat like machine gun flash. Here are themselves masters of the pen on the outpost in HMI word compared with a bullet. Such imagery comparison allowed the participants to the meeting to the conclusion that a sharpened pen and just beating the target weapon – lethal force fusion.

Therefore, informal communication and military writers decided to continue in the future. – We have scheduled further cooperation with the Russian Writers Union Border Service – summed up the board co-chair of the Writers' Union of Russia Nikolai Ivanov. – The response we got from the border, gives hope that You can conduct similar joint action is at the state level and in the interests of our country. Thus, in the eyes of the public formed an alliance of "green caps" and "engineers of human souls," as in Soviet times was called masters of the pen.

PSG Loading

Under modern conditions, mast construction hoists have been invaluable for lifting building materials and structures during construction and installation works, as well as widely used in warehouses, factories and shops. The standard freight elevator tower has two stops at the bottom and at the specified height of the customer. The lift capacity of up to 500 kg. has a maximum lift height of 54 m and capacity up to 1,000 kg. maximum lift height of 75 m. The dimensions of the loading platform, the height of fences, the number of intermediate stops, etc. may change.

Cargo bed can be retractable to supply the goods inside building. Job lift is as follows: on the guide mast carriage moves up and down the loading platform consisting of and catchers. Movement takes place by means of the rope drive control is a machinist with the remote control. Works at the lift operating organization should develop a process map for loading and unloading, as well as CPD. These trucks do not lift mast designed to lift people. OOO "BFA-Story" will hire services of freight elevators, if necessary – for sale lifts PSG-1-B payload 500 and 1,000 kg at the lowest prices.