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Liberation Day

Account Victor. E. Frankl, in man’s search for sense, leaving the concentration camp in Auschwitz, most suffered a kind of accelerated decompression as the aeroembolism suffering from climbing too fast a camera of submersion. Many acknowledged in private that had lost the ability to rejoice and they had to learn it if they wanted to survive the tragedy. They suffered a kind of depersonalization, everything seemed unreal, unlikely, not durable, what had no right, as in a dream. While the body, which has fewer inhibitions than the mind, adapted quickly and many went to eat and drink coffee voraciously, even in the middle of the night. They got up, ate and were vomiting. The language would let them and they were able to talk for hours and hours, they felt the overwhelming need to talk, to not fall asleep.

Did not support the silence that had many wondering about the meaning of suffering, above all, the known free while many others had perished in that hell. But the terrible thing was to prove no one expected some. We did not expect to find happiness but were not prepared for the unhappiness, and especially to hear from their fellow citizens do not knew nothing. I am sorry. Here we also suffer.

The bitterness and disillusionment turned out to be a very hard to cope with experience, and many succumbed to the inability to reintegrate in a former life that no longer existed as they had known, or in which felt strange. Many suffered loneliness, and others were left to die in a world in which were not meaning to the suffering of so many millions of beings. The number of discrete suicides or by throwing himself from a balcony, was great. Which is better adapted to the new situation were the guardians of the fields as the Liberation Day, already offered cigarettes and smiled dresses of civilians.

Verb Boycott

I boicoteo you, you boicoteas me, all us boycott. This is the phrase that today raise the Government and opposition in Bolivia. When four of the nine departments of the country convened to plebiscites on their autonomy statute the President called them to boycott. However, neither he nor his social bases took many actions of force to prevent it and orders to only truancy ran, in the best of cases, in a half of these electorates. Today is the turn to the right to reject the recall referendum that Morales wants to legitimize themselves and ousting rival prefects. This mutual boycott comes dividing the country between high and low lands and Bolivians with lesser and greater revenue. The Government accuses his opponents of rebels and thieves, but does not dare to nationalize its properties. Rivals tick Morales of wanting to be a red autocrat but fear hit him. Both sectors would settle, but Evo does not want to recognize both power elites pro-libre market of the Crescent Moon, or they want to accept as many new changes constitutional. Original author and source of the article.

Abortion When The Mother’s Life Is In Danger

Lobbies in favor of the pill the next day had the long-awaited success, got a health registry and therefore remains in the consciousness of every doctor prescribing it or not, the discussion was not only biological and physiological, but I desbordo to its essence, moral and geopolitical, but as I am recognized, the effectiveness of this drug ranges from 57 to 75%i.e. still taking this pill half of women they do not abort it. This raises the need to ensure that women aborted. Obviously for those who are in favour, this dilemma was solved in other developed civilized societies legalizing the use of MIFEPRISTONE. What is mifepristone? It is an inhibiting prostaglandin drug and there are three mifepristone, the Omapristona and the Zilopristona acting neutralizing the cellular receptors for progesterone, which in turn is a very important hormone that is responsible for maintaining the pregnancy the first weeks of life in France was first synthesized by Rousell-Udaf laboratories and is called RU 486, in Germany commercializes it the company Exelgyn as Mifegyne, comes in 50 mg tablets is frankly abortive, without any discussion, and its genocidal effects have been compared to the Gas ZYCLON B with which Hitler exterminated millions of Jews in the gas (Chambers of death) Chambers, its use is legal in several European countries, i.e.

it is a homicidal drug, without any doubt, what novelty? Mifepristone, comes in tablets of 50 milligrams, the novelty is that in Latin America think enter reducing the concentration of milligrams per pill: 50 to 10 milligrams, to confuse, neutralize and deceive those who oppose him on the road the rest lobbies do through well-known NGO, who will write articles, invented research, will make conferencescourses etc., when it is easy to realize that you taking 5 tablets of 10 milligrams, it is take 1 tablet of 50 milligrams and there if we are facing a blatant miscarriage is a pharmacological maneuver, is a leguleyada, it is one criollada13 but they are already considering this alternative conclusions as already mentioned not long ago, after the approval of the pill the next day, would come the lobbies to enter RU486, it seemed exaggerated this assertion. But. It seemed, as currently approaching the intense promotion to introduce mifepristone to 10 milligrams, the forces that defend life, whether or not believers, must be taken aware of this danger and we must go by grouping us to prevent that is a new step in favor of the decriminalization of abortion in the Peru.

Purification Of Water With Ultra Violet Light

Purification of water with ultra violet light in recent years are have been doing research to supplant the current systems of water treatment based on chlorine, with more efficient systems in terms of energy, and effective in health terms. The use of chlorine-based systems have the disadvantage that there certain viruses that are difficult to remove with them, and chlorine production has a high energy cost. These new systems that is gaining increased popularity is the system of purification by ultraviolet light. The main advantage of UV systems is that they do not introduce chemicals in the water. Likewise nor creates sub products, does not alter the taste, ph, or other properties of water. It is compatible with current plumbing systems, they are easy to install and its maintenance cost is relatively low. In addition, is not known any micro organism that is resistant to UV rays. Purification UV lamps produce a radiation of one far higher than that of the solar light intensity.

In most lamps, radiation is concentrated in 254 nanometer region, since this range of light is that has older germicidal. The majority of ultraviolet purification systems are combined with various forms of filtration. This is because these systems kill microorganisms existing in the water, but can not remove them of it by itself alone. Water with ultraviolet purification systems use a lamp that is protected by a transparent cover. The lamp is mounted so that any water that passes by the camera is exposed to rays ultra violet. The intense ultraviolet light damages the structure of the DNA of cells, this makes them sterile and prevents their reproduction. These cells are now dead and no more a threat. He is recommended for more complex organisms have previous activated carbon filter since the time of exposure to UV rays is not always sufficient to eliminate them completely.

Martial Arts

Hello again to all the fans of martial arts, this time I bring a brief but substantial account of something that, in one way or another, we know; the journals or publications of martial arts. As said in the previous article, the public that it is affine of martial arts is very limited, more even if we compare it with that like video games, gossip, football or even wrestling, since there are plenty of journals dealing with those topics. But if, if there have been serious publications on these topics and here speak a little of them: Black belt: Revista American there is trafficking in only martial arts, since the Decade of the 60s being one of the more ancient and above all respected, founded by Mitoshi Uyehara; its size and thickness compared to the of the of vanities, and has the backing of virtually all the important associations of United States, providing it with great resources, philanthropic, advertising and especially economic. It comes in English and sometimes it can come to our country with months delay but really worth the penalty. They have interviewed virtually all teachers of renown who stop in e.

u. because personalities like Steven Seagal, Jeff Speakman, Dan Inosanto, the Gracie brothers, Frank Dux, etc. Black belt: it should not be confused with the previous, is also called Budo international in other countries, is of Spanish publication and its editorial director is the aristocrat of martial arts Alfredo Tucci. Besides being also one of the most ancient is also the most respected and similar in size to the black belt. Trafficking in broad themes always Arts martial, both Eastern and Western, to Mexico also comes with several months of delay. They have interviewed personalities of the stature of Cintya Rothrock, Larry Tatum, Ji have Jae, Huang Aguilar and virtually all the great teachers who have gone to Europe.