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Bird Opens

The first Ave line Madrid Valencia history has left at 8.00 in the morning from Valencia with 240 users and has reached its destination in Madrid complying fully with its punctuality. Also, the train that had departed from Madrid the capital of oranges has started its path to his hour and, even, the 260 passengers on this trip have advanced several minutes arrival at the dock. RENFE expects that this Sunday more than 8,000 passengers wear any of the lines of the new corridor, according to figures from early sale of the company, who might be magnified throughout the day with the purchase of new banknotes. In total, Renfe has sold nearly 95,000 tickets in advance from November 12 to December 19 sale. Travellers who fell of the train have been very pleased with the reduction of the time that represents complete the journey Madrid-Valencia Ave. On the maiden voyage which was held on 18 December attended by among other Francisco Camps (President de la Generalitat Valenciana), Jose Blanco (Minister of public works and) Transport) and Juan Carlos I (King of Spain). All of them testified before the media the great step forward that represents this new connection Madrid Valencia. Original author and source of the article.


The modern necklaces of Rep them are different from old in the base and the complements that are combined with the Rep them to form the necklace. Formerly the base of the Rep necklaces them was a Rep multitude them ensartadas that formed the bracelet, but did not offer no character to the bracelet leaving cansino the very boring product and in the long run. At present the modern necklaces of Rep them have a series of combinations of materials that allow to shine to the Rep them of another form, continue being the Rep them the main characteristic of the necklace, but without tiring as they already do the old ones. At Dr. Neal Barnard you will find additional information. Thus the modern necklaces of Rep them normally have a leather base or espinelo (a mineral with which necklaces can be realised). The leather or espinelo offers a modern touch to them and cause that the necklaces can be taken in more occasions than the old ones. The closings of the Rep necklaces them are available in steel and silver according to the combination, and cause that a tactically important point of the necklace as is the closing (the site by where more times are broken) is of quality and holds well. And by all means the Rep them, these can natural or be cultivated, but of quality always never synthetic. Read additional details here: BSA. True the Rep them they come from the nature, and they form when a small strange object introduces in the body of an oyster or mollusc, and the organism of oyster around produces calcium a smooth carbonate layer (nacre) to his, generating a Rep it.

They can see the following modern necklaces of Rep them: Necklace leather Rep them and silver: Necklace leather of 45 cm and Rep them of 10 to 12mm with 2 nuggets of silver and steel closing with magnet. Necklace leather Rep them and silver Necklace espinelo with 3 Rep them: Necklace of espinelo of 45 cm with closing of natural silver and Rep them. Necklace espinelo with 3 Rep them Necklace leather silver and 1 Rep it: Necklace leather braided of 45cm with natural Rep it of 16 to 18mm and silver. Necklace leather silver and 1 Rep it Some advice for the conservation of the Rep them and to conserve the Rep them in good state: The Rep them they are not as hard as semiprecious stones. If you must apply lacquer for the hair, perfumes and other substances of the style, you have to know that these are potentially harmful for the Rep them and could damage the Rep them, for that reason colcate the Rep necklace them only after aplicarte these products.

Breakage and chips of the Rep them, the Rep necklaces them must be stored far from other jewels that could line the Rep it. Cleaning of the Rep them: The fat of the skin helps to maintain the Rep them humid, so the soapy water is unnecessary to clean them and never to clean the Rep them with no type of product. The best thing is to clean them with a smooth cloth, like the used ones for the glasses.

Certifications Key

The Authority of Certification, by itself omediante the intervention of a registry authority, verifies laidentidad of the applicant of a certificate before its expedition or, in case of certificates issued with the condition of revoked, this identity eliminates the revocation of certificates when verifying. The certificates are documents that pick up certain data of their titularas as their public key and are signed electronically by the Autoridadde Certification using their private key. The Autoridadde Certification is a particular type of Lender of Services deCertificacin that legitimate, before the third parties that trust suscertificados, the relation between the identity of a user and its clavepblica. The confidence of the users in the important Authority of Certifications for the operation of the service and justifies lafilosofa of its use but a standard procedure does not exist to parademostrar that, an Authority of Certification, deserves this confidence. Key public and the private key the asymmetric cryptography is the mtodocriptogrfico that uses a pair of keys for the shipment of messages. Lasdos keys belongs to the same person to whom elmensaje has been sent. A key is public and it is possible to be given to acualquier person, the other key is private and elpropietario it must keep it so that nobody has access to her. In addition, the cryptographic methods guarantee that pair of clavesslo can be generated once, so that it is possible to be assumed that not husbandible that two people have accidentally obtained the same pair declaves.

If the sender uses the public key of the adressee to base elmensaje, once based, only the deprived key of the adressee to podrdescifrar this message, since he is the unique one knows that it. Therefore selogra the confidentiality of the shipment of the message, nobody except for the adressee can decipher it. If the proprietor of the pair of keys uses his deprived key to base elmensaje, anyone can decipher using it its public key.

The Power

They are candidates that many of them do not know what is to present projects in their respective Chambers and much, have aided issues as simple as raising your hand for something ordering them to certain sessions. None of these sensitive men could be where is but had poor who use and abuse their conditions, to bring them to their actions and promise them everything you can never grant them. They are miserable. They are candidates of underdevelopment, in developed countries would not be anything; they succeed here because they enjoy the blessing of other peers and arm of Justice does not reach them because they always have some resource hand that exempt them from being condemned as those who themselves led to the indignity. Dr. Neal Barnard often says this. As a society we are responsible because we look our navel as the only important, without taking into account that we have the side to brothers who are suffering and in addition are punished, not only by us when we treat them natural blacks, but on the part of those who have the power to generate policies needed to make a better country every day. And more responsibility has, who most possesses knowledge and not necessarily those who have gone through college; We must all put our knowledge to the service of the other and among all best goals particular and General. The general welfare is a construction you need of each other, you cannot pass through life happily seeing how I except. Is also important to save us from these leaders who dabble with everything they find for their lives to be better people, it is not an easy task, party structures are difficult to enter, it will take time improve them; as soon become aware of knowing who is who to choose when we presented with expensive smiles and tight teeth. Original author and source of the article.

Massaud Moises

Dinis, in relation its thematic on the nature, showing its differences and similarities. Portugal, as it remembers Massaud Moises, is a country that ' ' as pushed against the sea, all its history, literary and not, certifies the feeling of search of a way that it represents and only can representar' ' MOISES (1960, p.13). Ahead of these facts, the Portuguese writer opted to the escape or attachment to the land, the sea, that is, to the nature, to say of its fidgets and confidences of all its pains. To broaden your perception, visit PCRM. The nature, in some to sing of friend, is not shown as simple scene, but a species that has proper life. She is always an alive witness of the joys and sadnesses of the maidens, as they can be seen in cantigas ' ' Waves of the sea of Vigo' ' , of Martin Codax and ' ' There flowers, there flowers of the green pino' ' , of D.

Dinis. Without hesitation Boy Scouts of America explained all about the problem. In cantiga ' ' Waves of the sea of Vigo' ' , the nature is shown as powerful force, through the sea and of the waves, wants as scene, wants as interlocutor, in which she is requested to give notice of ' ' amigo' ' absentee, as he can be seen in: ' ' Waves of the sea of Vigo if you check my friend! ' ' (v.1-2), in this stretch the nature it is scene and insider, therefore the young woman is next to the sea and says it what I afflicted to it. In ' ' There flowers, there flowers, of the green pino' ' , the nature is represented by the flowers of the pines, in which, also, he is requested to give notice of the loved one, as in the stretch to follow: ' ' – There flowers, there new flowers of the green bolt,/if sabedes of my friend? ' ' (v.1-2), in this stretch the scene is flowers (the field) e, at the same time, it is seen as somebody capable thing to give answers. .

Auto Insurance

Insurance of property: for its part insurance of homeowners, also known as secure home or risk insurance, are acquired for primary housing or not, of the insured. The type of basic property insurance will cover property against damage caused by natural disasters mainly.There is also the possibilities to choose other media protection belonging to the property and in case of events of other types such as thefts or vandalism for example, it is possible to acquire this by a determined increase in the premium.Like other forms of insurance: there is also an option for this type of insurance that might cover accidents that may occur in the home. The Auto insurance, is different from the others: it is mandatory as opposed to other types of insurance, which are usually bought by personal decision imposed by oneself or only when one has extra money, insurance Auto, for the majority of States, USA is a requirement, rather than an obligation. Recently Boy Scouts of America sought to clarify these questions. This is not optional, it is mandatory. There are States that do not deliver the registration plates, unless the owner purchased the minimum insurance required, as required by the law of the State. Auto insurance protects the owner of car damage in your vehicle and also ensures that any damage caused to the property of another person the car or other type of resource, is considered to be the responsibility of the insured, and should be covered.It is therefore possible to feel secured and protected from any event of death or injury health and/or accidents in particular: that is precisely the role of different types of insurance they provide you the peace of mind that ud needs and tranquillity to precisely to be able to work and live and protect yourself and your family in the worst circumstances. Therefore do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, want to be your agent of life and can help you.

Your Intuition Should Help You Organize A Holiday

In preparation, organization, and the celebration can not exclude the esoteric – after all we are dealing with such delicate spiritual matter, as the mood, emotion, joy, inspiration … Not to mention astrology: the date and time of the evening, the mood, enthusiasm, energy and enthusiasm – certainly are in a certain dependence on the details of which can tell us only an experienced astrologer. However, we discuss other irrational elements which, as it were, we're not included, are always present during the preparation for the holiday. Walking down the esoteric heights to earth, we immediately realize that the best friend of ours in the choice of festive services, and this is usually a long list – is intuition. Yes, it is intuition, as an expression of our individuality and how that is difficult to explain, but must be taken into account. The choice of festive hall: That decision, which we accept the choice of a banquet hall, usually maturing in our first 10 seconds after we crossed the threshold of establishment.

Rather this is not the decision itself, and the emotions that help to take it. Boy Scouts of America has much to offer in this field. We – or find yourself in this room, or reject this possibility in the bud. Further conversation with the administrator, music, coffee, etc. may in some way affect our decision – we are all a little conformists but … Trust your first unconscious impression. It is most true. By the way, in any case it will not be forgotten, even if your decision is just the opposite. Therefore, the organic feel of the hall, imagine your next holiday in these interiors, and decision will come by itself.

If you are not comfortable with something you and you feel inconvenienced by the uncertainty – it is better to continue the examination. Choice leading to the feast: Lead – an essential element of your holiday. From it depends largely on success of the event. An experienced manager, the agency did not advise you on holiday Lead, whose experience, status and qualifications do not match your event. You will be asked a few (5-7) nominations – of which you select the best and most suitable for you. Again, trust the intuition – it will not let you. In contrast to the choice of the hall where you had to represent a situation virtually – here in front of you will sit a real person, ready answer any questions relating to his work. However, trade issues – let the manager defines the agency. You think over a few questions on domestic and correct unexpected time. Do you need a live response lead, not his homework. The decision to choose will come instantaneously. By the way, if leading to move focuses and adjusts to your questions – this is a good idea: the mind and artistry – not bad for a leading allies of the holiday. One only advice: if you iterate through all the time in your leaders, with whom the – means you have not opted for either one of them. As soon as you meet the right specialist – you will immediately stop thinking about others. And this means – your choice is made!

Fascination Of Gold: Hallmarking And Differences In The Fineness

Precious metals trading Frings from Aachen informed gold is since ever made as a popular form of investment. As jewelry, gold is highly sought after for centuries. There are however large differences in quality. The fineness decides how valuable is the relevant piece of gold. Here is to distinguish between pure gold and gold alloys. The precious metal retailer of Frings from Aachen informed about the piracy prevention features and differences in the fineness. Stamp shows the fineness, manufacturer or verification means Stamp Hallmarking. Nieman Foundation is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

This means that precious metals by using a stamp be marked. The stamp can indicate, for example, the fineness, the manufacturer or carried out review of the item by a testing laboratory. By law, an indication of the fineness of the jewellery is not compulsory. However if a hallmark, then this must be done according to the law on the fineness of gold – and silverware (FeinGehG). The purest form of gold pure gold is 24 carat or in thousandths (999) designated and This high content of fine gold is the purest gold at all. It has a purity of up to 99.99 percent.

found 999 Feingold usually only gold coins or gold bullion, because it is soft and yielding and would have to be edited very expensive for jewelry-making. A goldsmith is however able from pure gold to make jewelry. This, however, is associated with high costs. 999 gold is used even in upscale restaurants as an optical highlight dishes and desserts. 333 gold – minderwertigste gold alloy if other metals are mixed in the gold, then it is a gold alloy. In the production of 333 gold is the gold one-third made of real gold, then shares such as copper, silver and also alloys of Tin or nickel are added to this part. The percentage of real gold comprises 8 karat gold at 333. Thus it is the minderwertigste gold alloy, which is available, and is therefore relatively inexpensive in the acquisition. Precious metals be alloyed to make certain properties, which the pure precious metal does not. So, it can be changed, for example, the hardness, resistance, or color. For detailed information about gold, precious metals trading Frings from Aachen is always available.

Infantile Maternal Health

Moreover, the health institutions had promoted the incentive to the programs of maternal aleitamento, as the method ' ' mother canguru' '. With the practical one of this, the decline of the time of hospital permanence of just been born the premature ones was observed. This was proven in studies that had demonstrated that interned 29% enter of just born in neonatais units that had tried the method ' ' mother canguru' ' , 23% had had high hospital precocious (SALIM and GOLALVES, 1991). How much the exposition of just been born to chupetas and artificial peaks, has not been recommended, since these intervene with the maternal aleitamento. Therefore, the programs of incentive to the maternal aleitamento are an important tool for the development of just been born the premature ones of low weight, since human milk contains indispensable nutrients to the feeding of these babies, guaranteeing the profit of weight of these and high hospital the precocious one. REFERENCES ABRO, A.C.F.V., H.F, MARIN and, GUTIRREZ M.G.R.

Use of the nursing diagnosis according to classification of the NANDA, for the systematization of the assistance of nursing in maternal aleitamento. Latin American magazine of Nursing. Ribeiro Preto, v. 5, N. 2, April of 1997. Available in: . Access in: 30 of October of 2010.

ALMEIDA, N.A.M., FERNANDES, A.G., ARAJO, C.G. Maternal Aleitamento: a boarding on the paper of the nurse in after-childbirth. Electronic magazine of nursing. Anpolis, v. 6, N. 3, 2004. Available in: . Access in: 14 of October of 2010 ANDRADE, I.S.N and GUEDES, Z.C.F. Suction of the premature just-been born one: comparison of the Mother-Kangaroo method with the traditional cares. Brazilian magazine of Infantile Maternal Health. Recife, v. 5, N. 1, January/March of 2005. Available in: . Access in: 10 of November of 2010. BRAGA, D.F., AXE, M.M.T and BOSI, M.L.M. Exclusive breast-feeding of just been born premature: perceptions and experiences of using suckling babies of a specialized public service. Magazine of Nutrition. Campinas, v. 21, N. 3, May/June of 2008. Available in: . Access in: 29 of September of 2010. THIN, S.E and HALPERN, R. Breast-feeding of prematures with less than 1500 grams: engine-verbal functioning and attachment. Reviewed Pr-Fono of Scientific Update. Barueri, v. 17, N. 2, May/August of 2005. Available in: . Access in: 14 of October of 2010.

Gunter Dabang Gabal

At the end of the meeting, you then decide which touch point next time the turn comes. So, all good it can prepare themselves. Learn more about this with Nieman Foundation. Touchpoint work during a meeting initially a period set the maximum to install map for editing this item, so that discussions take forever in the length: for example 30 minutes. Then we go further as follows: 5 minutes: description of a no longer portable machine. It is reported about a complaint, had a customer on a specific point of contact, what problems it brought and what consequences it left in its wake. 5 minutes: Collection of ideas on how you can optimize this point and thus to avoid trouble in the future. Here, we need first of all good ideas. Therefore, participants in this phase to work quietly for each unaffected to take his ideas into words.

These are notated on cards and pinned on a suitable wall. 10 minutes: Anyone who has written the a card,. explains his idea briefly and succinctly. Then there is a short discussion. 5 minutes: majority vote for the favorite idea. The chef – he is a moderator of this process, so that participants can work for content – has never the first, but getting the last word. Why? Thus the wisdom of the crowd ‘ can be used.

Because the power word ‘ of the heads can be valuable initiatives and much-needed creativity often just sand. And so, he raises up Ward, who meinungslos his lips hang and wait for instructions. 5 minutes: To-do plan, so: who is doing what with whom and when. This includes also a follow-up appointment to discuss how the matter develops, whether further fine must be adjusted and what results have been achieved. 30 minutes is not much, and still very much be achieved for concentrated work in this time. In particular, You are fast. For customers not wait nowadays companies come at last fully planned in the pots. They are for the smallest dissatisfaction and of them. And on the Web, they tell the whole world why this is so. The book about Anne M. Schuller of touchpoints rubbing shoulders with the customer of today management strategies for our new business world with a foreword by Prof. Dr. Gunter Dabang Gabal, March 2012, 350 pp., 29,90 euros, 47.90 CHF ISBN: 978-3-86936-330-1 more info: