The Power

They are candidates that many of them do not know what is to present projects in their respective Chambers and much, have aided issues as simple as raising your hand for something ordering them to certain sessions. None of these sensitive men could be where is but had poor who use and abuse their conditions, to bring them to their actions and promise them everything you can never grant them. They are miserable. They are candidates of underdevelopment, in developed countries would not be anything; they succeed here because they enjoy the blessing of other peers and arm of Justice does not reach them because they always have some resource hand that exempt them from being condemned as those who themselves led to the indignity. Dr. Neal Barnard often says this. As a society we are responsible because we look our navel as the only important, without taking into account that we have the side to brothers who are suffering and in addition are punished, not only by us when we treat them natural blacks, but on the part of those who have the power to generate policies needed to make a better country every day. And more responsibility has, who most possesses knowledge and not necessarily those who have gone through college; We must all put our knowledge to the service of the other and among all best goals particular and General. The general welfare is a construction you need of each other, you cannot pass through life happily seeing how I except. Is also important to save us from these leaders who dabble with everything they find for their lives to be better people, it is not an easy task, party structures are difficult to enter, it will take time improve them; as soon become aware of knowing who is who to choose when we presented with expensive smiles and tight teeth. Original author and source of the article.