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Vera Sayle

A course, in-house resources to improve performance in business makes the employee appraisal. A cyclically repeated and systematic performance appraisal of employees increases the motivation and resulting in an increase in effectiveness. However, it is essential for that fair decisions based on an objective and same for all employees as well as comprehensible. “” With the additional goal management module”the personnel manager of BITE, they have a web-based and effective software solution, by means of a sustainable balance between the critical success factors performance appraisal related to employee” and target coordination “is made. Also offers the use of target management”an economic way to systematically and consistently to implement this delicate process in your company. Target management plug-in”builds on the management module” on the personnel manager, from which it ultimately necessary Master data refers to. “With the goal management module” the business IT engineers have just BITE their high standards itself even once again lived up to: so was with the target management “in turn the combination of maximum functionality, ease of use and also, stability realized.

The business IT engineers shortly BITE are composed of experienced business consultants and innovative IT specialists. BITE offers you state of the art software solutions, accessible over the Internet, which you can use to simplify your business processes and accelerate. Thanks to the Web 2.0 technology is the Internet everywhere and gradually finds its way in company. By means of the BITE GmbH software solutions, Enterprise 2.0 is no longer just a slogan, as rather the reality! Through the application of BITE software processes your staff save time, save money and have the most professional solutions. And the best: you can from anywhere to access (unless of course you want that). By default, run the applications in a high security data center with the latest equipment. We also reduce the complexity of your IT and take care of backup, security updates and are constantly developing software solutions. We have made our our work our passion: business IT engineers speed up your business! BITE GmbH Vera Sayle line marketing Schiller Street 18 89077 Ulm phone: 0731 / 15979249 E-mail: Web:

Call Fraud

EBay payment system PayPal has vulnerabilities Wiesbaden of Dusseldorf / – vulnerabilities, Cartel Office investigation when attempting to bind customers to the PayPal payment service, comes after a report in the Wirtschaftswoche online retailer eBay under attack: who gets the payment service of the online merchant eBay, for 14 cents per minute in the MCC by PayPal, hangs for a few minutes in the wait loop piping. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Professor of Internet Governance. But then everything is very simple: it is enough to specify name, address, E-Mail and phone number of a PayPal account holder. Call me now the last four digits of your account number ‘, the staff asks. “Already he reveal the balance of total strangers or what payments have been received and made”, writes the economic week. You could make it easier hardly unfair contemporaries, to obtain sensitive information about the transactions of foreign persons. Thousands of eBay users would publish their address and account numbers readily available in the Internet imprint or placing an online order.

Who wants can easily drive playing fast and loose with the data and pass themselves off as someone else. The consumer protection initiative case Internet’ criticized the blatant data leak already about weeks ago. Then the query from an automatic telephone computer to a call center turned to eBay, where Additionally queried for the address information the accounts therefore have not become much safer”, so the economic week. According to Bernhard Steimel, spokesman of the industry Congress of Voice days “, if you do not perform a service automation in this way. The change from a vending machine on a call center staff brings nothing at all.

You can take people by surprise. If eBay wants to guarantee more security over the telephone service, that is just about voice biometrics. So the company Sikom at our meeting in Wiesbaden presents a method for secure online money transfers. Instead of a TAN the voice tag is used to authorize a transfer”, says Sangeeta. Appropriate procedures for the Already used online banking. A legitimacy about the voice works better than with a fingerprint. Editorial medienburo.Sohn Ettighoffer Strasse 26 A 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 620 44 74 fax: 0228 620 44 75 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: Web:

Future Changes In Customer Communications On The VO.IP Germany

The influence of current technology to our everyday work or how unified communications improves efficiency and service to save time and money. 16.10.2008 Aachen/Frankfurt the fair regulation.IP Germany”opens on 28 and 29 October 2008 in the building of the IHK Frankfurt am main doors. This year the voice compass team led by Detlev Artelt works closely with the organizers of the VO.IP Germany together. To the 28.10 at 15:00, the voice expert Detlev Artelt moderated a workshop on the topic of language Automation has achieved a breakthrough? “.” In it he holds a short speech about the current state of language technology, reflects the current acceptance of this technology at the customer and dares views in the near future. The Publisher of the reference book voice compass internationally reported also in a further talk about the changes in the communication”and shows trends of customer communication.

In addition Detlev Artelt hosted together with other experts the field solutions”, in the company the experience and products of voice the audience bring over IP and unified communications. More information be presented on the voice compass level. The program is complemented by the held on October 29, 2008 State meeting of the Working Group initiated by the eco Association unified communications”, directed by Detlev Artelt. The proposed unified communications white paper in the foreground is the one-hour meeting. “Start: 11:00 in the London area”. Interested can see the following link register: groups/2618_5493.htm VO.IP Germany focus of this year’s exhibition and Congress VO.Innovative forms of communication with the customer are IP Germany of tomorrow”and the related opportunities and changes for businesses. At Germany’s largest event for voice and IP communications, the visitor receives a broad overview of the current state of development in the area of unified communications.

about the voice compass 2008/2009 the international and English-language compendium voice compass international 2008/2009 explains the current possibilities of voice automation and voice applications for businesses and the customer service in easy-to-understand words. 650 pages have demystifies all technologies Detlev Artelt and his team, call the relevant manufacturers and provide clear recommendations on the use of voice applications. The unique mix of market study, advisory expertise, list of manufacturers and the different base calculations makes the voice compass 2008 to a standard which should be on the desk of each maker. contact aixvox GmbH Detlev Artelt Monheimsallee 22 52062 Aachen Tel: + 49 241 4133 100 email:

ZEUS Today Secures The Future Of Tomorrow

The Foundation for a life in security: Provide with the ZEUS component PLAN today for the future Bismarck laid the foundation stone for the statutory social security cover over 100 years ago. His concept envisaged a State pension as support to social security and was a milestone. Today this concept without supplementary benefits is no longer. For teenagers, large gaps have emerged, which can have disastrous consequences in case of an emergency. For more information see Professor of Internet Governance. Because the legislature will not close these gaps, it is important to take care of a private pension. The private pension insurance by ZEUS helps in increasing the statutory pension. The sooner, the better the pension decision indicates the future pension payments. Today, however, forecasts assume that the State pension is only about pay 36 percent of the salary.

This only if 46 years in the Pension Fund have been paid up. Today, it is important to provide for a secure future. Here, Boy Scouts of America expresses very clear opinions on the subject. So can an optimal and individual insurance lays the foundation stone for a carefree life in security. In ZEUS, found the ideal partner for this carefree to enjoy the earned retirement. Individual supply concepts of ZEUS are the Foundation for a secure future. Retirement system of ZEUS-component PLAN is a good feeling when developed the life cycle on the basis of a solid financial foundation.

ZEUS-parental letter, ZEUS – letter to parents protection, ZEUS – pension protection letter or the ZEUS pension protection letter sets the Foundation and with the ZEUS component PLAN, stone on stone is growing a stable framework for the assurance of the quality of life. The ZEUS group attaches much value to individualize the possibilities of insurance companies. The resulting products with which to start building his private pensions. The longer is the “lever” time, the less power you must move to achieve large sums of money. More information about all preventive services and pension benefits of ZEUS can be found under. Contact: ZEUS group-Gustav-Freytag-Strasse 13-15 22085 Hamburg phone: 040 / 41 30 – 10 30 fax: 040 / 41 30 – 16 03 E-mail: Web: description: the ZEUS group of companies is one of the largest service providers in the field of pension products in Germany. ZEUS was founded in Hamburg in 1974 and offered a comprehensive provision for young people for over 30 years. With the ZEUS-parental letter the company offers special benefits, which are individually aligned to the needs of the young target group. Product partners are well-known providers of insurance, such as the German ring and the Continentale.

Stephane Etrillard Management Institute

He is regarded as a leading European expert on the subject of “personal sovereignty”. With decision makers and executives, he is searched and known as Advisor and “Coaches of the new generation”. He enjoys an excellent reputation as a coach and writer. With its open seminars in the field of rhetoric and dialectic, as well as self-PR, he helps its participants to more sovereignty in all walks of life. Stephane Etrillard conveys competence from the practice for the practice. Its proven expertise emerged in the last 10 years in the observation and monitoring of several thousands of executives and salesmen from a wide variety of industries. He conducted coaching sessions and seminars up to now in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Hungary and Russia.

His private clients managers from top companies, medium-sized entrepreneur, politician, and many people who get new impetus with him, are among destination leading to their communication fashion. Numerous lectures and publications, he has become known to a wide audience. He is the author of over 20 books and audio-coaching programs, which belong to the business-top sellers. He is a popular interviewee for the press by “Cash” to “ManagerSeminare” about “Focus Money” and welcome guest in talk sessions and panel discussions. Many he is also from broadcasting interviews with “Bayern 2 radio” known.

For more information about the rhetoric and dialectic seminars with Stephane Etrillard, see: offeneseminare.html press contact: Stephane Etrillard Management Institute SECS a company of top performance Group GmbH Elbroich castle on the factor 4 D-40589 Dusseldorf phone 07 40 fax 00 53 E-Mail: Web: Platinum news Platinum news is a creative Public Relations Portal and an independent brand of UnternehmensKorpers Albert Metzler inspiration based in Cologne. On/through Platinum news you communicate in an interactive public MedienSphare with a wide reader audience from different companies, editors and organization. Further information and contacts: Albert Metzler. Platinum news Oranjehofstrasse 27 D-50769 Cologne FON 36 FAX 04 mailto: Web:

Train-the-trainer: Trainers Training In Vienna

35. training seminar starts consult prohaska in September. Adults impart know-how, many women and men face this professional challenge. The same issues regardless of whether it is them (prospective) freelance trainer and consultant or in-house further artist making them up again. Other leaders such as Nieman Foundation offer similar insights. For example: How should the seminar be designed so participants benefit from this? Or: How do I get a dry learning material over, the participants still keep it? Can the tools necessary to do this in a coach training, the training and consultancy seminar consult prohaska starts on 21 September in Vienna, purchase. The in-service trainer training extends over three months and is designed for women and men, who (want to) work as a self-employed trainer; also for employees of companies that have an education and training function in their organization. The training consists of seven 1,5-tagigen modules and Austria is accredited by the MCE (wba) 9 ECTS. She performed time to the 35 guests.

Their concept is appropriately tested. In the first module of the training, which leads seminar consult’s managing director Sabine Prohaska, the participants deal with the basics of the profession of coach. So for example, with the question: what human image and self-image should have a coach? This question is I in the module as a trainer”deepened. Here determine the participants including their strengths and learning fields. Also reflect to develop their (Trainer) personality to a style of training.

In two other modules, the participants learn how learning processes in individuals and in group work. Also engaged in the design of learning units. Intense, they exercise training to develop, to achieve the objectives. In a further module, the participants deal with the topics of conflict management and dealing with difficult situations of the seminar. Here the prospective trainer deal among other things with the question: How do I deal with learning barriers and resistance? Two modules are dedicated to the topics of presentation and moderation. “Here the participants according to Sabine Prohaska, exercise the also the practical manual for trainers in the training” wrote to present learning target groups and to provide feedback to the students. To get the certificate of completion, the trainees must schedule a training and partially. You must also create a written practice work. This is checked by an expert Commission in the last training module. Three more trainer trainers who have all experienced in the accompanying learning and people development processes in profit – and non-profit organisations act as speakers in the trainer training in addition to Sabine Prohaska. Participation in the course costs 2100 euros (excl. 20% sales tax.); more release dates of training upon request.

Federal Working Group

Mr Frank Frind, judge of the District Court of Hamburg. “” Member of the Board of Directors of the Federal Working Group of the insolvency courts e.V. “and first President of the North German insolvency Forum” Mr Dr. Jur. Stefan Oppermann, lawyer and since 2001 lawyer specializing in bankruptcy law. Mr Klaus Sengl, diploma – Registrar (FH) and Justice Inspector, worked for many years in the education and training, mainly for law enforcement. Also head of training for the registrars contenders at the higher regional court of Munich. Learn more about the Symposium of insolvency law and the conditions of the application please contact the municipal education factory e.V.

at: Tel.: 030-293350-0 or consult the Web at: municipal education factory e.V. (KBW e.V.) thats one as non-profit recognized institution of vocational training for employees and managers of the entire public sector institutions and associations, companies and other interested parties and individuals. The headquarters of the municipal education factory e.V. is located in Berlin. Regional offices are in Wuppertal, Hamburg, and Frankfurt am Main. For more than 20 years, the Institute offers a comprehensive program berufsbegleitender education and training. The events take place as seminars and workshops, as in-house courses, as well as in the form of conferences.

While the training offerings span the entire Federal territory. The training events of the KBW e.V. aimed for example at Secretaries, case managers at the job centres, staff from youth welfare institutions, legal supervisors, auditors, politicians, cultural and marketing executives, until going to chimney sweeps and many others. Also interested parties from the private sector and individuals find qualified Offers of the continuing education and training of the municipal education factory e.V. The municipal education work is according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and certified according to AZWV.

Digestive Organs

The recommendations of nutritionists have so little weight or healthy nutrition is maybe not so healthy? Heusweiler October 22, 2009 – several authors Sabine Beuke and Jutta Schutz, dealing with low-carbohydrate diets, reported weeks ago from her books. \”The book of Sabine Beuke: unsustainable\” States last meets salvation through low-carbohydrate diet low carb, just in our present time. A healthy colon is easy for a long life without disease condition; Allergies, rheumatism, gout, migraine, autoimmune diseases, heart attacks, diabetes, cancer. In particular the lifestyle-related diseases have their origins primarily in a disordered bowel function and intestinal flora. For example about 300,000 people in Germany suffer from Parkinson’s disease and 20,000 diagnosed new cases are added per year. The early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are not often recognized by doctors. This disease starts insidiously and may exhibit nonspecific symptoms over the years.

Only in the middle stage of the disease, if tremor or muscle stiffness occur, the disease stage. Up to this point are usually non-specific and for those affected as difficult for the doctor to recognize the symptoms. Parkinson’s disease is the most common degenerative diseases of the central nervous system in addition to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The number of new cases will double in the next 25 years according to experts estimate. In the preface of the book: all of a sudden is diabetes by Jutta Schutz: never nutrition research were established as versatile and intense as in the last hundred years. But the health of our people has really improved? The recommendations of nutritionists have so little weight or healthy nutrition is maybe not so healthy? It is noted that even therapeutic measures (such as for example pills) while the disease relieved by, which course but usually cannot be stopped. That a relationship exists between State of health and nutrition is not doubted. But the more you are with Nutrition is concerned, it seems more impossible to find right.

Studio Apartment Life

Today, we often have no way to give your child a separate area, however, and when it is possible to build a shortage of common place for crumbs. Each of us share this room be named in his own way corner crumbs area for games and entertainment, and other similar names. Keep in mind that giving and furnished our selected area, should be so, that there instead of all that is necessary for the Kids. When you create a corner of the child must meet the same requirements and standards are and when you make a child's room, but the colors and tones are compelled to properly fit into the overall arrangement of the room. The house should be allocated for rebyatni very bright and warm room, what are the first and foremost must meet the standards of hygiene and safety. With a corner of the crumbs, you need to pay attention to such things as lighting corner of daylight, the likelihood of ventilation should not be corner of the child to have very close or near the entrance to the passage of a joint room and pootdal from drafts. Making children's space in the first place, must meet the age of the child. For very small rebyatni child must create the space so, that crumb at all times remained under the supervision of a senior. All items and items of furniture must be safe so as not to injure the babe. For kids preschoolers need to set a small table, chair, shelves and shelves of toys and sbereganiya own things.


In these first/second decades of century XXI some evidences that can explain, in part are verified, the world-wide situation of permanent conflitualidade, possibly, to exacerbar of the diverse individualismos/egoism that, in turn, will not be other people’s to the effective politician-educative systems, in last the 30/40 years, established in some new material values and esquecimento, prejudiced, of that, secularly, they came being taught and transmitted. An education, with technician-scientific objectivos, justified for the necessity of know-making that it was not, equitable, folloied for the axiolgicos, ethical-moral objectivos of Know-being and Know-being. It was opted to an education for the technological change, a society of the knowledge, the information and the consumption, certainly, important, but very relatively empobrecida for the little insistence and relevance of the humanistic and classic domnios. The education and professional formation that today will be given to the children, adolescents and young, they will be responsible for what in the future it comes to happen, when these generations to occupy the diverse ones to be able of decision, because: ' ' The individualism culture is a source of concerns for the pertaining to school experience of the pupils, for its satisfaction with the same one and for the will to continue. It is, also, a concern in the long run, anticipating the type of adults where if they can become these isolated and individualistic students. They will be one part ' ' generation eu' ' future individualistic, materialistic, hedonista and autocentrada.' ' (HARGREAVES, EARL & RYAN, 2001:48) and if on the other hand, education for change, that if it desires and if it considers inadivel, will have to include family, as first and great agent socializador of child, because it is in the family that it goes to acquire the first habits, rules, values, behaviors and, desirable, one Know-to be and Know-to be, in the life; On the other hand, it is placed, however, the serious situation where the familiar institution comes diving, since it has some decades.