ZEUS Today Secures The Future Of Tomorrow

The Foundation for a life in security: Provide with the ZEUS component PLAN today for the future Bismarck laid the foundation stone for the statutory social security cover over 100 years ago. His concept envisaged a State pension as support to social security and was a milestone. Today this concept without supplementary benefits is no longer. For teenagers, large gaps have emerged, which can have disastrous consequences in case of an emergency. For more information see Professor of Internet Governance. Because the legislature will not close these gaps, it is important to take care of a private pension. The private pension insurance by ZEUS helps in increasing the statutory pension. The sooner, the better the pension decision indicates the future pension payments. Today, however, forecasts assume that the State pension is only about pay 36 percent of the salary.

This only if 46 years in the Pension Fund have been paid up. Today, it is important to provide for a secure future. Here, Boy Scouts of America expresses very clear opinions on the subject. So can an optimal and individual insurance lays the foundation stone for a carefree life in security. In ZEUS, found the ideal partner for this carefree to enjoy the earned retirement. Individual supply concepts of ZEUS are the Foundation for a secure future. Retirement system of ZEUS-component PLAN is a good feeling when developed the life cycle on the basis of a solid financial foundation.

ZEUS-parental letter, ZEUS – letter to parents protection, ZEUS – pension protection letter or the ZEUS pension protection letter sets the Foundation and with the ZEUS component PLAN, stone on stone is growing a stable framework for the assurance of the quality of life. The ZEUS group attaches much value to individualize the possibilities of insurance companies. The resulting products with which to start building his private pensions. The longer is the “lever” time, the less power you must move to achieve large sums of money. More information about all preventive services and pension benefits of ZEUS can be found under. Contact: ZEUS group-Gustav-Freytag-Strasse 13-15 22085 Hamburg phone: 040 / 41 30 – 10 30 fax: 040 / 41 30 – 16 03 E-mail: Web: description: the ZEUS group of companies is one of the largest service providers in the field of pension products in Germany. ZEUS was founded in Hamburg in 1974 and offered a comprehensive provision for young people for over 30 years. With the ZEUS-parental letter the company offers special benefits, which are individually aligned to the needs of the young target group. Product partners are well-known providers of insurance, such as the German ring and the Continentale.