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Medicine In Germany

Medical diagnosis and treatment in Germany includes complicated heart surgery, microsurgical intervention on the spinal column (hernia of the spine), surgery endoprosthesis, an organ transplant. In German clinics performed surgery on bone marrow transplants, liver transplants and kidney disease, treatment of blood diseases and effective treatment of cancer: breast cancer, stomach, lung, colon, cervical, and liver. Medicine in Germany has achieved great results in the treatment of infertility and artificial insemination, but to ensure the layer counterparts have no choice but to labor in Germany no longer exists. Enjoyed an enviable reputation plastic surgery aimed at both the rejuvenation and improvement of the waist, and to restore the breast after mastectomy (breast removal). Some Koreans are sent for treatment in Asian countries, lured 'surgery without a scalpel, "but as practice shows, in fact, all of these abdominal operations without any visible cuts – no more than a sham. In Later money is spent, and there is no result, and this is in the best case! Carry out operations without violating the integrity of the skin, modern medicine has not yet learned, but doctors in Germany is not the first actively used as called minimally – invasive procedure.

A characteristic feature of treatment in Germany can be noted the least interference in the human body that provides an accelerated rehabilitation after surgical intervention and pain relief after surgery. Operations are conducted in bereguschem mode and with minimal trauma to tissues. Even after the operating procedures on the heart and spine operations on the patients recovered much rather than in domestic hospitals. Rehabilitation centers in Bavaria have a reputation for top quality medical treatment and services provided both by patients and their accompanying persons. Samosilno determine all matters of travel related to medical treatment abroad, the order seriously, but now it is not any need. In our time, medical tourism offers all possibilities for treatment in Europe without any problems with the organization and unaccounted costs. Our company provides services of medical tourism, will take the lead in organizing the tour to Germany for treatment – treatment in Bavaria, treatment in Munich. bavaria med service GmbH organizes all attendant services in the form of choice of doctors and clinics in the desired direction, transfer, transport service, visa support and hotel accommodation and tickets (including vip – service).

The main difficulty for countrymen, recovering for treatment in Europe are 'the complexity of translation' and not knowing the language. We provide professional interpreters translate and execute any documents necessary for departure for treatment in Germany. Qualified legal, organizational and moral support to patients, allowing to feel comfortable in a non-native country – one of the reasons for a speedy recovery, and this You can confirm any doctor. Our active participation in the organization of medical treatment abroad can save you from the emerging challenges and will focus on the most essential – to restore health and ambulance rehabilitation.

Good Clinics

'Name' clinics also affects the qualification of the staff – the more well-known name, the more likely more qualified personnel. However, even the most well-known clinic you can 'bump' on inexperienced doctors and clinics in the economy class to find a wonderful professional. The degree of technical equipment. The degree of technical equipment of the clinic is also directly linked to the financial possibilities clinic. From the ground, what should pay attention to the patient is the presence of X-ray apparatus and orthopantomograph (apparatus, which allows a panoramic picture of all teeth). The presence of these vehicles will save time on the trip to another hospital or clinic, where they are – some treatments or prostheses can not competently do without these pictures. However, in clinics, where these devices is not usually much lower prices.

And maybe, you hike for snapshot of the clinic will be compensated by savings of 1.4 thousand rubles for the treatment and 5-50 in thousands of dental prosthetics. Other equipment the clinic has a great significance for the convenience of medical staff than for most patient. The level of additional service. The additional service may include a variety of excesses – the presence of the tv (in the lobby or in the office), musical arrangement, hot or cold drinks, administrators fotomodelnoy appearance, etc. Usually, because of these additional 'services' in the vip clinic with you and try to take several times the cost of medical treatment or dental prosthetics. Need it or not – you decide.

Novem Is Cognos 8 BI Systems Of Much Faster

Best practices to maximize the performance even complex reports are provided by users significantly faster novem business applications is presenting the optimization methods on the business intelligence event IBM Cognos Performance 2009 Hamburg, 03.11.2009 – the consulting company novem business applications is on the business intelligence event IBM Cognos Performance 2009 \”from 10 to 11 November in Mainz best practice to significantly improve of query times with the solution of Cognos 8 BI to introduce. New methodological approaches were designed by the BI specialists, providing significant performance improvements of for all Cognos 8 BI front-ends (Studios). Thus the information presented faster users, even if it involves extensive reports. Critical success factors are the unrestricted access to the database and modeling in the Cognos framework manager\”, outlines Jochen novem-consultant and Cognos expert, the optimization process KINDIG. The most important best The implementations of partitions and materialized views or tables include practice measures while on the one hand to the optimization of the interaction between the intelligence tool Cognos 8 and the corresponding relational data sources.

On the other hand the design of a 3-layer architecture in IBM Cognos is 8 framework manager with the default Board means of BI tools. This standardized SQL statements level, so that each user action meets an ideal index design of the database. Also is targeted at reducing the SQL prepare times, lets you achieve a reduction in the evaluation gap between a query sent directly to the database and the evaluation in the Cognos frontends to a minimum. The measures include the relocation of the dashboard load of the application server of the Cognos frontends to the underlying relational database. In addition, targeted adjustments of the Cognos 8 system, taking into account the professional requirements to obtain the maximum performance were made in best practice concept of novem. This applies for example, with regard to objectively measurable parameter settings for the or the Cognos 8 BI server, the adjustments in the system files, as well as the implementation and integration of so-called leading fields and their referencing in the Cognos 8 framework manager.