Good Clinics

'Name' clinics also affects the qualification of the staff – the more well-known name, the more likely more qualified personnel. However, even the most well-known clinic you can 'bump' on inexperienced doctors and clinics in the economy class to find a wonderful professional. The degree of technical equipment. The degree of technical equipment of the clinic is also directly linked to the financial possibilities clinic. From the ground, what should pay attention to the patient is the presence of X-ray apparatus and orthopantomograph (apparatus, which allows a panoramic picture of all teeth). The presence of these vehicles will save time on the trip to another hospital or clinic, where they are – some treatments or prostheses can not competently do without these pictures. However, in clinics, where these devices is not usually much lower prices.

And maybe, you hike for snapshot of the clinic will be compensated by savings of 1.4 thousand rubles for the treatment and 5-50 in thousands of dental prosthetics. Other equipment the clinic has a great significance for the convenience of medical staff than for most patient. The level of additional service. The additional service may include a variety of excesses – the presence of the tv (in the lobby or in the office), musical arrangement, hot or cold drinks, administrators fotomodelnoy appearance, etc. Usually, because of these additional 'services' in the vip clinic with you and try to take several times the cost of medical treatment or dental prosthetics. Need it or not – you decide.