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Of this form, to follow this new perspective a mentality change is essential that takes the two basic elements, the information and the knowledge. From this organizacional dynamics, many happened boardings of accurate science and the nature had been carried to the enterprise environment. However, to the measure that some scientists advanced, they appeared the uncertainties, the contradictions, leaving space for new conceptions, appears relativity there of Einstein, where uncertainty standard, prevails, where it has the unexpected one, the new, so requested in this new world-wide context. Ahead of the changes, the companies had started to search the innovation thought, leadership, of the debate, of the adaptation, placing the individual as agent in the process of co-evolution with the objective of improvements in such a way for the company how much for the customer, thus, consequentemente the satisfaction in the market, better products, better companies..

British Television

By this, I mean that television has diverted attention from the population’s underlying problems. I had heard, for example, you have to kill all criminals to have a safer and better life. And poor me if I am in any social gathering and commented that there are more important issues that debate, because I am quickly sought to serious and resentful!. I.e., the television has done many live terrified (apparently, fear makes people more manipulable) and created to eradicate the crime you have to kill the criminals. If I am not mistaken, the crime is the result of the system in which we live (consumerist, individualistic, etc.) and that, although all criminals are eliminated, the system would create more criminals.

It is like trying to change the product without changing the factors. On the other hand, and despite the pain that may cause and punishments that may deserve, I cannot fail of Imagine the likely miserable lives of these criminals television and thinking, therefore they need much help and everyone, i.e. contrary to what television wants to convey. I want to finish this thought with a masterful summary of the article To face danger without hysteria (1951), of the British philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell: the mass hysteria is not a phenomenon limited to human beings. In fact, you can see also in any gregarious species. On one occasion I saw a photograph of a large herd of wild elephants in Central Africa who saw an airplane for the first time: all presented a State of collective savage terror. Most of the time, the elephant is a quiet and shrewd beast, but this unprecedented phenomenon of a noisy and unknown in heaven animal had removed completely from sill to the entire herd. Each of the animals was terrified and his terror was transmitted to others, what greatly increased in panic. However, since there were no journalists among them, terror vanished when the airplane had disappeared. Note: My Quixotic stance is not against television as a tool, it is one against which controlled it and the use made of it by.


In these first/second decades of century XXI some evidences that can explain, in part are verified, the world-wide situation of permanent conflitualidade, possibly, to exacerbar of the diverse individualismos/egoism that, in turn, will not be other people’s to the effective politician-educative systems, in last the 30/40 years, established in some new material values and esquecimento, prejudiced, of that, secularly, they came being taught and transmitted. An education, with technician-scientific objectivos, justified for the necessity of know-making that it was not, equitable, folloied for the axiolgicos, ethical-moral objectivos of Know-being and Know-being. It was opted to an education for the technological change, a society of the knowledge, the information and the consumption, certainly, important, but very relatively empobrecida for the little insistence and relevance of the humanistic and classic domnios. The education and professional formation that today will be given to the children, adolescents and young, they will be responsible for what in the future it comes to happen, when these generations to occupy the diverse ones to be able of decision, because: ' ' The individualism culture is a source of concerns for the pertaining to school experience of the pupils, for its satisfaction with the same one and for the will to continue. It is, also, a concern in the long run, anticipating the type of adults where if they can become these isolated and individualistic students. They will be one part ' ' generation eu' ' future individualistic, materialistic, hedonista and autocentrada.' ' (HARGREAVES, EARL & RYAN, 2001:48) and if on the other hand, education for change, that if it desires and if it considers inadivel, will have to include family, as first and great agent socializador of child, because it is in the family that it goes to acquire the first habits, rules, values, behaviors and, desirable, one Know-to be and Know-to be, in the life; On the other hand, it is placed, however, the serious situation where the familiar institution comes diving, since it has some decades.

Pablo Ghiraldelli Jr

What I want to say? The philosophical speech capsized or seems to have if only become enlightening of terms and a one to assist of luxury of other speeches when one or another one part of the speech seems not to incase or to have the ideal floreio. It is not had as to know if it has to see with the stagnation and if to come back toward inside of itself of much of the philosophy that is said ' ' to give certo' ' that one only left of the problems of the world arguing in its symposiums and meeting and giving opinions and creating folloied disputes only in specialized magazines. Taking off few examples in Brazil as of the professor Pablo Ghiraldelli Jr and Susana de Castro between very little others we do not have philosophy appearing in the media nor for good nor for badly not being with the controversial project, and just, by the way, to try to give the last degree of responsibility to the philosophy: or if it becomes a profession as all the others and of the practical answers the society or diminishes and it disappears of time in its constellation of professors and researchers whom they write to only publish for its pairs. Without entailing some to the media, when it is only the case, and without popular penetration because it speaks of useless problems to the majority of the population clearly that seems not to import itself accurately with what it is the end of the man, but that men beat in women and reflect violence behind violence without no respect and consideration. But it does not have philosophical teses on this, therefore the Philosophy still considers bedding of thought and with captive place to ruminate everything that other sciences already had thought. Of the second half of century XX until the immense majority of the thinkers detached in the rinces of the philosophy they had today denied epteto philosopher and this has a reason.