British Television

By this, I mean that television has diverted attention from the population’s underlying problems. I had heard, for example, you have to kill all criminals to have a safer and better life. And poor me if I am in any social gathering and commented that there are more important issues that debate, because I am quickly sought to serious and resentful!. I.e., the television has done many live terrified (apparently, fear makes people more manipulable) and created to eradicate the crime you have to kill the criminals. If I am not mistaken, the crime is the result of the system in which we live (consumerist, individualistic, etc.) and that, although all criminals are eliminated, the system would create more criminals.

It is like trying to change the product without changing the factors. On the other hand, and despite the pain that may cause and punishments that may deserve, I cannot fail of Imagine the likely miserable lives of these criminals television and thinking, therefore they need much help and everyone, i.e. contrary to what television wants to convey. I want to finish this thought with a masterful summary of the article To face danger without hysteria (1951), of the British philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell: the mass hysteria is not a phenomenon limited to human beings. In fact, you can see also in any gregarious species. On one occasion I saw a photograph of a large herd of wild elephants in Central Africa who saw an airplane for the first time: all presented a State of collective savage terror. Most of the time, the elephant is a quiet and shrewd beast, but this unprecedented phenomenon of a noisy and unknown in heaven animal had removed completely from sill to the entire herd. Each of the animals was terrified and his terror was transmitted to others, what greatly increased in panic. However, since there were no journalists among them, terror vanished when the airplane had disappeared. Note: My Quixotic stance is not against television as a tool, it is one against which controlled it and the use made of it by.